What is Twitch Streaming Software

Twitch Studio: The new streaming software can do that

With Twitch Studio, Twitch has introduced its own free streaming software. The software had already been available to selected testers in closed beta for several months. The preliminary version is now available for download free of charge for all streamers.

Why a new streaming software?

One can legitimately wonder why Twitch is bringing out its own software for streaming when there is already OBS, XSplit and many other solutions. Of course, it generally makes sense to offer its own software as one of the largest streaming platforms, but Twitch is primarily pursuing one goal: To make it easier for new streamers to get started.

If you take a look at the new solution, it looks very tidy and clear. While streaming, you not only see a preview of your own stream, but also the latest followers, subscribers, hosts, raids and cheerings. The chat is also directly integrated. These all-in-one streaming overviews are already known from other programs such as Streamlabs OBS.

Easy to use, clean design

The entire application is designed to start streaming as quickly as possible. A set-up guide guides you through the setup step by step. The design of the application itself as well as the integrated notifications is very simple and clean. So far, only notifications have been implemented as interactive overlay elements. It remains to be seen whether it will be possible in the future to show additional elements such as the chat or a permanent display of the latest followers and subscribers. Also on board are design templates for creating your own stream.

Not Twitch's first proprietary streaming solution

Twitch Studio is not the streaming platform's first proprietary solution. The Twitch Mobile App has been able to go live on the go for some time. Here, too, Twitch aims to make it as easy to use as possible and, in return, does without extended functions. As a desktop solution, however, it is the first in-house.

Color filter: streaming with Instagram touch

Twitch Studio does not yet offer many functions, but Twitch has insisted on integrating color filters. While I was a bit irritated at first, I found one or the other filter to be very successful. This can certainly be interesting, especially for streaming in the “just chatting” area, in order to upgrade the look of the stream a little.

Limitations in video recordings

I was disappointed to find that almost no settings are possible for recordings. As a streaming provider, Twitch has of course only a downstream interest in recordings, but no settings for the quality of the recording, only the option to change the format from FLV to MP4 is already very slimmed down. However, if you only want to stream anyway, this has no disadvantage.


Anyone who has already created complex scenes and overlays in their favorite streaming application certainly has no reason to switch. Even practical functions such as integrated notifications and chat are also possible in more complex software solutions such as Streamlabs OBS. For those who are just starting to stream and don't feel like having to deal with the right configuration, Twitch Studio can be an interesting starter.

What is your opinion on Twitch Studio? Are you going to try it out or are the advanced features of more professional software a must for you?

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