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Here you will find the fastest preparation for classwork. From thousands of class tests, the best class tests have been selected for you. For optimal preparation, you will find detailed step-by-step solutions for all class tests. There is a complete solution for every task and the result is not only shown briefly! Select your subject in the overview and you can start practicing straight away.

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3 tips on how you can optimally prepare for class work and how you can best divide your time and energy in class work.

When asked if they would like to go to school, most students answer with a resounding “Yes, if it weren't for the constant classwork….” This is an encouraging answer because it is absolutely essential for success in school that Students like to go to school and not just see school life as a nuisance. It is not for nothing that the students who say: “I actually like going to school” are also the ones who consistently perform better at school. You can only do things really well if you enjoy doing them to a large extent. So we hold on to it, school is not as bad as you might think. The main thing that bothers the pupils at school is writing their class work.


Class work: the pressure on students to perform is increasing!

The pressure on students has increased quite a bit recently. The time to study is getting shorter and the demands in the individual school subjects are increasing. In addition, as a pupil you can already get the impression that the number of class tests that are written every school year is steadily increasing. Almost every week of the school year there are one or two class tests. In fact, students always need to be prepared for any grade to be taken by them. Understandably, this causes stress that parents and teachers often cannot comprehend. Pupils then only get to hear that they just have to prepare properly for class work.


Classwork: How to prepare specifically:

  1. Preparation with old class work:

But what is the best way to prepare for class work? The best way you can prepare for classwork is to work your way through older classwork that has been held before. Collections of class work can be bought.

No teacher is going to reinvent the test wheel every time. On the contrary! It is often the case that teachers orientate themselves strongly on what other colleagues have already asked about in their class work or they simply use their own class work several times in a slightly different form.

On the basis of class tests that have already been submitted, you can find out more precisely which typical questions arise and which types of tasks are asked over and over again. This is a great help because, if you look closely, you can differentiate a little better what is actually important for class work. After all, not everything the teacher says in class is equally important for getting a good grade in class work or achieving the class goal.

  1. Step-by-step solutions:

It is important that you have a solution with you for old class work. Otherwise, how are you supposed to know whether you did the tasks correctly or not. However, there are helpful solutions and less helpful solutions here. In my experience, solutions to old class tests are relatively unsuitable if only the end result of an assignment is mentioned. You then know that you have either solved the problem incorrectly or correctly, but you do not know why it is wrong and where you made mistakes.

A collection of classwork is only really worth the money if it contains detailed step-by-step solutions, that is, a solution that lists the solution steps in such a way that you can understand them and see where something went wrong .

  1. Study groups:

In my experience, it makes a lot of sense when students come together in a class who have difficulties in similar positions and in the same subjects in order to prepare for class work together.

My tip: Find "like-minded people" with whom you can learn together. Usually you know the answer to a question or problem your classmate doesn't know and vice versa.

  1. Private tutoring:

As already mentioned, everyday school life has become harder and more stressful for you students. It is therefore absolutely okay to get help in places where you have problems and feel that you can no longer solve them on your own.

At this point, the accompaniment of a tutor in a small group is highly recommended. Not only that you then have a competent person by your side who already knows what is required in class work and can identify and fill your gaps relatively quickly. Tutoring also takes the steam out of the kettle within the family. If the parents know that you will concentrate on classwork in the tutoring, then they are often a little more relaxed at home when you need a break.


Class work: strategies in the exam situation:

  1. Stay calm!

Easier said than done, I know. Especially when, while reading through the first assignment of class exams, you can see that you cannot solve the assignment.

My tip: class work usually consists of several tasks. Just start with the second one. Often when you solve the second task, you remember the solution for the first.

  1. Read carefully!

That, too, is easier said than done under time pressure. But you can only solve a task if you know what to do.

My tip: Read through all the assignments in class work and maybe mark important terms.

  1. Get distracted every now and then!

I don't mean that you should stare holes in the air for minutes.

My tip: maybe take a pack of glucose with you for class work. First of all, it tastes good, increases your intellectual ability a little, but distracts you a little from the task when you unpack.


Class work: three tips to lose the horror of class work:

  1. Precise preparation:Use old class work, team up with classmates, and get tutoring if necessary.
  1. Stay calm during the exam, read through the tasks carefully and distract in between.
  2. The most important thing: class work can and may go wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and you are not able to perform equally well every day. It just shouldn't become a habit, of course.