Dementia is on the rise

Dementia on the rise

After a man suffering from dementia and in need of care lived next to his dead wife for several days in the Urfahr district of Linz, experts do not believe in an isolated case. Because dementia is a disease that is on the rise.

That the man believed for four days that his already dead wife would sleep is not unusual in the case of dementia, says Primary Tim von Oertzen from the Linz University Hospital: “Because the process that may have happened there cannot be classified. You may know the stories that people with dementia do not recognize their loved ones as their loved ones either. In this respect, the situation in the case of a very advanced dementia in which those affected find themselves can no longer be correctly assessed. "

"Plague of the Future"

For years, doctors have called dementia “the epidemic of the future”. According to an estimate by the Austrian Alzheimer's Society, around 100,000 people suffer from dementia. Their number is likely to more than double by 2050. This could also make cases like the one in Urfahr more frequent, says von Oertzen: “I think that is still the exception. But by and large, dementia is becoming more common and of course the nursing problem is also becoming more common. "

Daughter was worried

The case was only discovered in Linz-Urfahr when the couple's daughter could not reach her mother by phone. The city of Linz is now looking for a way to care for the widower.