You should dust or vacuum first

12 mistakes that hold you back while cleaning

1. Just use vinegar cleaner on everything

Vinegar is great against lime. But: some surfaces do not tolerate the agent. The acid attacks natural stones such as marble. In addition, silicone joints can dissolve.

2. Disinfect too often

Wiping surfaces with disinfectants not only takes time - the substances can even trigger allergies. Exception: if a family member has the flu.

3. Brush in the wrong direction

Whatever you do clean - work top down. Then falling dust does not make clean surfaces dirty. So first wipe the dust on the top shelves, then clean the lower surfaces and tables. Finally, vacuum and wipe the floor.

4. Clean windows when the sun is shining

Aaah, who doesn't dread dirty windows? The problem: we often scrub like crazy and in the end nothing remains but streaks. Annoying! Therefore: never clean in the sunshine. The water dries too quickly and leaves a film. And very important: be sure to use a puller.

5. Take the wrong suction cup attachment

Most people don't use the repertoire of nozzles at all. It's much faster with the right one: the narrow joint brush, for example, cleans corners well, the upholstery brush the sofa.

6. Mix several cleaning agents together

In particular, do not pour acidic (e.g. vinegar cleaner) and alkaline (e.g. soaps or degreaser) together. The effects cancel each other out. Very important: do not mix organic toilet cleaners with agents that contain active chlorine. Toxic chlorine gas can form.

7. Change the kitchen sponge too seldom

If you leave it there too long, a lot of germs will accumulate. If you then use it to clean dishes or surfaces, the muffle alarm sounds. Therefore, put in the washing machine every two days at 60 degrees.

8. Do not wipe the fittings dry

If you dry off the faucet and shower head after showering, limescale will not even settle. You can then save yourself the weekly cleaning of the bathroom. It is best to wipe the tiles dry as well.

9. Not washing the mop properly

Sometimes you forget that the cleaning utensils also have to be cleaned. If, for example, the mop is not rinsed out properly, the next time it is wiped, it will leave streaks of dirt and spread wet dust everywhere.

10. Remove the lint incorrectly

You automatically take the lint brush first. Hair and fluff come off the sofa better if you run over it with a damp rubber glove.

11. Wipe without vacuuming

If you wipe through with the mop right away, you have to rinse it out much more often because dust, crumbs and hair are attached to it. Vacuuming or sweeping beforehand saves time and nerves.

12. Do not allow the cleaner to take effect

Clean the bathroom or kitchen surfaces, spray the cleaner on and wait a few minutes. Then the dirt can be loosened much better.

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