What is Elmer's Glue Ingredients

Make slime yourself - the best DIY recipes

Making slime yourself is a great activity, fun and encourages creativity. You can design the slime individually according to your wishes and decorate it with pearls and glitter, for example. Slime is a great substance to experiment with and see how different ingredients react with each other. Dealing with phlegm is also extremely calming. Below I would like to introduce you to two basic recipes for making slime: Green slimy slime and blue creamy slime.


How do you make slime? - the DIY instructions for perfect slime

Make green slime yourself from glue and detergent - the basic recipe

Ingredients for the perfect slime

  • Transparent craft glue, water-soluble and solvent-free (e.g. Cléopâtre or Giotto)
  • Liquid detergent (e.g. Spee or Persil)
  • Green food coloring (tip: buy as a set)
  • water
  • Bowl, glass, spoon or spatula to stir
  • Airtight container for storage

The inserted links are recommendations for ingredients (Amazon) that I have successfully used in the production of slime. Of course, comparable products from other manufacturers can also be used.


Preparation of green slime

Making green slime yourself is very easy, doesn't take a lot of time and only needs a manageable amount of ingredients. The ingredients used are not toxic or harmful, so this recipe is especially good for children.

  1. First you put a glass of transparent craft glue together with a glass of warm water in a bowl and stir the two ingredients.
    Clear craft glue such as Elmers or Cléopâtrè is particularly suitable for our green slime. Alternatively, any other water-soluble craft glue can of course also be used.
  2. So that the DIY slime also looks monsterly disgusting in the end, a pinch of green food coloring is now mixed in. It usually takes very little paint. My recommendation is therefore to slowly approach the desired intensity and gradually add more color.
  3. To make the mucus gooey, a mucus activator is necessary. To do this, the detergent (about a cap) is slowly mixed in. At first the slime is very watery and sticky. This will go away with properly kneading the slime. If the slimy mass still sticks too strongly to the fingers, an additional shot of detergent should be added.
  4. The green slime is done and ready to play and store! If you want to keep your slime fresh longer, you should store it in an airtight container. So the slime stays nice and slimy even for weeks.