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Micro jobs: the five best micro jobs

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Micro jobs: on the side and in between, simple and uncomplicated, yet lucrative - is there such a thing? We have researched for you and compiled a list of the three best micro jobs in Germany.

What are micro jobs?

Micro jobs are a wonderful way to earn some money on the side. And when we mean by the way, we mean that too. Whether on the train, at home in a quiet minute or on the way to work ... micro jobs are extremely flexible. You don't make a commitment, you do it on the fly ... or let it stay.

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But how can such a concept work? We'll show you how this is possible:

How do micro jobs work?

Micro jobs should be as simple as possible: understandable, feasible for everyone and of course available in many corners. In order to provide the whole thing with the right infrastructure, it is almost essential to be able to view the micro jobs via the Internet on the computer or on the mobile phone. That is why the best providers for micro jobs are of course also online-based. Whether as a website or via app - the orders can be viewed at any time and can be accepted if interested.

The best micro jobs

Clickworker - even possible from home!

Like most other micro jobs, Clickworking is only possible with an Internet connection. Since you can find at least a mobile Internet connection in almost every corner of the world today, you can also carry out this activity from anywhere.

You can simply register at www.clickworker.com and examine the portal. There you will find various projects that are published by companies on the portal. The projects are either translations, data categorization or the like. Smaller jobs that can easily be placed on the Internet. Larger projects can also be broken down into small micro-jobs. Depending on the project, a fee is also set that the Clickworker is credited to his account after successfully completing the task.

Anyone who registers as a Clickworker is considered a freelancer and helper. Everyone is responsible for paying taxes on income.

Here you can read how exactly it works:


Streetspotr - earn money on the go and in between

The tried and tested “Streetspotr” app is also ideal for making money in passing: a map within the app shows you where there is something to do in the area. Typical tasks are, for example, market research and service tests, recording opening times for newspapers and publishers, but also price comparisons and product tests.

You can expect such tasks at every corner, which is why it is best to take a look at the map on your Strettspotr app every now and then when you feel like it. There may be a few spots in your area where you can earn something:

The spots represent the respective micro jobs that are currently being offered. For each spot there is a detailed short description as well as a statement of earnings.

So - install the app and let's go!

AppJobber - Who is interested in some nice pocket money?

With this app you can also secure a nice extra income depending on the location: AppJobber is a wonderful opportunity - just like with Streetspotr - to take on smaller jobs and micro-jobs while on the move. A simple example:

“What is the maximum speed allowed in the specified section? Attach at least one photo - the reward is 1.00 euros. "

In order to take part in the mini-assignments, registration is of course necessary. The minimum age is 18 years. If you decide on a job and virtually accept it, it is reserved for three hours.

If you have finally accepted and completed a few jobs, you can have the money paid out. For this purpose, the app creates an invoice using your own profile, which you can use for your tax return. Registration with the trade office is not necessary up to a certain income limit.

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