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When you were a kid and wanted something from the bottom of your heart, like a dog, a doll, a bike, or whatever, you probably played with your imaginary pet or toy and went for a walk. You pretended your wish was already true. You manifested!

In the course of growing up, many of us unlearn this ability - the ability to really feel into the desire. Previously it was called wishing, today it is manifesting. Manifesting is child's play if you know how. In this article you will find out everything you need to know.

First of all: To get what you want, there are 4 basic requirements:

  • You should knowledgewhat you want
  • it feel can,
  • active become and yours Comfort zone leave and
  • grateful be for what you already have.

Again and again I hear people say, yes, but I am meditating and I am spiritual, but it is just doesn't work. In this article you will learn everything, namely really everything that is necessary for manifestingOf your dreams is important. PLUS we're also talking about that most common errors in manifesting. Let's go!

Manifest - the basic requirements simply explained.

We are energetic beings and connected to everything.

Basically, everything in the universe energy is. You, your body, your smartphone, the sofa you sit on, everything you see and feel is energy and connected to each other. These connection we need when manifesting, make yourself aware of them. Look around you, what you have already drawn into your life.

We attract what we radiate - the law of attraction.

The universe reacts to our energy and what we radiate. When we meditate and do yoga in the morning, we are balanced and comfortable. We radiate positive energy. But if we come across something during the day that we don't like, the woman who we find prettier than ourselves, the man we don't think we deserve, the job we will never get anyway, etc. then leaves our energy in the basement.

We come in a Lack of feeling, feel anxiety maybe even envy. So if, according to the law of attraction, we attract what we radiate, what does that mean? We attract negatives.

Therefore ask yourself AT LEAST 3 times a day: What am I radiating from?

You can manifest anything you want.

In order to manifest, you have to know what you want. How should something come into your life if you don't know if you want it. I also like to imagine manifesting like that Letter to the Christ Child in front. Did you write on the piece of paper to the Christ Child: I would like a doll, either white, black, with blonde, brown or red hair and it should be able to make noises or not, etc. How would the Christ Child have known back then what it was supposed to bring you?... smile ..

How is the universe supposed to bring us more money if we don't know how much, for what and when? But more on that in the following.

Don't doubt, you won't get anything that you can't handle.

When all of this has been resolved, then it is a question of trust. If you are 100% behind what you want, then there is no need to doubt. AND don't even think about whether you might not be able to handle what you get. The universe holds ready for us what we need and what we can handle. Trust!

Prepare to manifest.

Believe in you.

There are wisdoms, such as from Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can or you can't, you will definitely be right". Our thoughts can us limit or us Open up something big. Take a close look at your beliefs.

You have probably already observed the following yourself.

How many times have you caught yourself thinking I am not good enough, I am not pretty enoughnot slim enough, not smart enough, not open enough, not positive enough,… ..Just not enough. What do you think what you wear? Exactly, NOT ENOUGH. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us and want us to believe that we don't deserve what we want.

Sometimes these thought patterns run completely in our head automatically ab, we have them each other over time trained. These thought patterns keep us from manifesting successfully.

An example: A new position is advertised, your dream job, your dream job with top salary, company car, annual bonus. You are Fire & flame. This wonderful enthusiasm is followed by: ... but am I up to it? I don't have enough experience. I am sure that I cannot keep up with the other applicants. What would I do with so much money? Impossible, I have to pimp my application documents, etc.

Your negative self-talk. Your mind gives you a thousand reasons why you can't have what you want. You're right back in the Lack of energy. Automatically.

What if you caught yourself at the first negative thought and decided to put an end to it? For example: “Ok, maybe I don't have as much experience as others, but I'm very eloquent for that. My résumé is not up to date, but with a good glass of wine in the evening I turn it into a masterpiece. I am good at what I do and I will show that too. "

Wouldn't it be wonderful to react to things like that instead of falling into the lack of energy? For this we need this Slowly get rid of thought patterns and the Interrupt automatism.

I have two wonderful tools for you to do this:

  1. Dissolve old stuck beliefs.

It is easier if you find something that will help you dissolve the beliefs. I like to wear Malas. A mala is a Hindu and a Buddhist Meditation necklace with 108 pearls. They are used for meditation to pray mantras 108 times. You sit down comfortably and count a pearl with your fingers for each pronunciation of the mantra. You can even find beautiful malas on Amazon!

If I catch myself with a negative belief I transform it into the opposite, go to a quiet place, close my eyes and tell me the positive belief up to 108 times and count the pearls with your fingers. If I don't have a lot of time, I only do it 30 or 10 times. It is important to me, however, that I mean dissolve negative belief by transforming it into positive. You can train that. Start today.

  1. The magic ingredient - gratitude

An easy exercise: start writing down 3 things every morning for which you are grateful. So you control yours Focus on the positive in your life. On what you already have and on what you can do well. Feel deeply grateful for a moment. This exercise, this feeling will shut off the automatism in your mind. You will become more positive. Then when you see something you wish for, your mind will begin to respond with positive thoughts - because you are in a positive mood brought.

For both tools is continuity important. Being grateful once a week isn't enough, either just converting negative beliefs when you're on your period and down anyway.

A nice gratitude book helps you to concentrate on the beautiful every day. For me, that changed everything and made the process a lot easier.

You want something to change in your life, so start with yourself. Make these two tools a routine.

Manifest - 8 step instructions.

1. Create your own feel-good atmosphere.

It works best for me when I do yoga do and flow through a few asanas and then relax on mine Meditation cushion settle down. I make a ritual out of my manifestation and like to ignite Candles and a Palo Santo at. Everything that makes you feel good should find space.

Take your time and turn your head off.

Think about what the change you want should look like. Put your ego aside and start dreaming. Let your heart speak What do you wish for

2. You need a clear goal.

You need a clear goal, you need to know what you want to manifest.

Sit down, take yourself Pen and paper at hand and start writing. Write down what you want, if you are not sure, do a little exercise. Set the Your smartphone timer for 10 minutes. Get in front of your inner eye what it should be about, new job, new man / new woman, new car, more money, a baby, a dog, a trip ... whatever.

These questions support your process:

  • Where do you see yourself?
  • With whom do you see yourself?
  • What do you?
  • How feels your dream?
  • How tastes good or smells he?
  • Knocks yours heart how wild?
  • Feel Do you feel the wind on your skin?

Imagine the situation exactly and write down everything that goes with it.

You write through for 10 minutes. You just write down everything that comes up. Even if at first glance it may have nothing to do with your wish. Write, even if you don't know what to write, something will come. Then go through your notes feel yourself inmaybe you let a few days go by adding things or delete something. Until you have put your wish on paper as it feels good.

3. Make up your mind and formulate a clear wish.

Now decide what everything belongs to your wish and make things clear. Why is that important? “I would like more money!” Then you will find 2 cents on the street when you go shopping - wish fulfilled! Are you happy then?

It is important that you as detailed as possible going ahead. I want 10,000 euros more in my account by December. I want to lose 10 pounds by summer. When you become precise, then your subconscious is interpreted to mean that the right resources, people and assistance to draw into your life that your wishes can come true.

4. Very important: You have to know WHY you want this.

Who knows why, can bear any how! If you know why, it doesn't matter HOW. You have to know why you want what you want. For example: I wish for 10,000 euros by the end of the year because I will feel more secure with this financial cushion. I want to lose 5 kilos by summer because I want to feel good again in my swimsuit. I want to attract my perfect partner into my life because I want to share my happiness with someone. Etc. understandable?

Who knows why, can bear any how!

5. Manifest through visualization.

Be your future, act as if everything were already as you wish. Visualize the desired situation as realistically as possible. Picture your dream as if you were living it. Feel how it feels to look into the eyes of your dream man, drive your new car, wear the new shoes, be healthy, etc.


6. Create a vision board.

With a vision board you have your goals always in mind. Design your vision board as beautiful as possible. Everything is allowed, pictures, photos, sayings, feathers, tinsel, dried flowers, everything that describes your dream and makes your heart jump can be on the vision board. You can also use Pinterest to get ideas.

Give your vision board a place of honor. Where you can see it, where you can feel yourself into it again and again, where it puts a smile on your beautiful lips and you invites you to daydream. Take a conscious look at it regularly and feel, smell, taste and see your dream in your inner eye.


7. Action baby

The more you see and feel can what you want from the bottom of your heart, the sooner you will start living your dream. Stay connected to your dream, act like it is already real.

That doesn't mean you should go out, quit your job and buy a house in Hawaii. No, start feeling rich, loved, happy, successful, etc.. Act like you are already that person you want to be. The person who already has what you want.

If you want a new job, go to trade fairs in this field, go to networking meetings. If you want to get your dream partner into life, then go out and spray love.


Step by step! If you try to plan all the steps to achieve your goal, then you probably won't even take a step. Just focus on the next small step. Ask yourself what could be the next small step to get closer to your goal.

My tip: be loving, generous, grateful and appreciative towards yourself. Start with yourself and expand this behavior to your environment. Keyword: the law of attraction.

8. Let the universe do its work.

Give up control. If you know WHY, then the universe provides the HOW. Who knows why can bear any how! Focus on what you want, feel it, take small actions and let go of the rest. The universe cares about the HOW. You don't have to control the HOW.

The magic word here is: TRUST. When we get out of our Deficiency energy into a manifestation energy come then is everything possible. Because the universe knows ways that we do not have on our screen. All we take care of is the next small step. The next little act. If you want a new car, start getting more interested in cars. Go to an auto show. Be happy for your neighbor who has this car. That's enough.

Trust the universe to deliver what you ordered. When you order a pizza, you call the pizza service, order or maybe do it online and pay right away. Then you wait until the pizza is delivered. You don't stand by the door or run back and forth like a startled chicken until the pizza comes. You trust that the pizza delivery boy will bring your order. It works the same way with the universe!

The second magic word is: LET GO. You want to lose 5 kilos and struggle, FDH, run every day and nothing happens. You constantly focus on: Why haven't I lost weight yet? When will I finally be rid of the 5 kilos. You are in a lack of energy again. Lack of weight loss. And you hold onto this deficiency. Instead trust in losing weight, enjoy every run, every healthy snack and be proud of yourself. Let go of losing weight!

If you let the universe do it, then it will arise Synchronicity a. A term C. G. Jung as "a series of coincidences, the intensity of which went so far that they could no longer be regarded as pure coincidences“Described.

Signs will be revealed to you that will show you that what you want is on the way. The right people will come into your life, you will pay your attention to the right things, and you will vibrate more and more in line with your desire.

The most common mistakes in manifesting.

The wrong time, the wrong feeling.

Manifest when you are in your full force are. Never manifest when you are feeling weak, in a bad mood, angry, stressed, or sad. These feelings have their right to exist, do not suppress anything, let them in, accept them and let them go.

When you manifest with negative feelings or thoughts, we manifest out of a sense of fear or lack.


For example, when you are sad because your girlfriends are all married and you are still waiting for Mr. Right. Then it can be that you are a little jealous, out of this feeling, should you not manifest. You are more attracted to this lack that you have not yet found Mr. Right. With the end result that the lack of Mr. Right persists. Instead, try to be happy with your friends, imagine how nice it will be when everyone is dancing at your wedding…. AND THEN: manifest Mr. Right.

Only when your energy is in the positive area again, you are again in your full strength, so that the universe can perceive what you really want.

Focus on thoughts rather than feelings.

When we speak affirmations, we often focus on our thoughts. I am beautiful. I am successful. I am self-confident. Etc. Much wiser than thinking with your mind is to feel with your heart.

Gregg Braden, author and scientist explains that we in the heart40,000 brain cells and that our heart is more than just a blood pump. Are in our hearts Experiences, knowledge and feelings saved - Know that not accessible in a rational way is. (2)

Our heart has a magnetic field 5000 times stronger than our brain. Our brain can only process 1% of what patters in every day. The heart can process 11 million bits per second, the mind only 40-60 bits. Higher knowledge is stored in the heart, which we can tap with the right methods. (1)


Don't get into the DOING.

As already mentioned: Action Baby! The magic word is: TO DO. If you want to be rich, be generous. If you want to be loved, then give love. If you want a new job, read the job advertisements.

Good as well: the saying from the movie "Eat Pray Love". Someone keeps pleading with the universe to win the lottery, but just doesn't win. When the universe answers one day: Buy a lot!

Wrong intention - NO & NOT.

The universe knows no NO and no NOT. When we say yes to something, we get more of it. If we say no, we get more of it.

I do not want to become sick. I don't want a stingy man. I don't want to do any assistant work. Hopefully I'm not stuck in a traffic jam. Hopefully the parking lot isn't full. Are you familiar with that? Then rethink your thinking pattern. The universe knows no NO and no NOT. So translated: I want a stingy man. I want to get sick. I want to do assistant work and so on….

My tip: delete NO and NOT in general from your vocabulary. Life is so much more exciting.

See the desire in the future.

We want something and imagine how nice it will be when we have achieved this and that. But this is how we project deficiency again. Because we don't have this and that yet, we want it. The focus is again on the lack.

Try to empathize with what you want and yourself To feel a little richer, more beautiful, loved and healthier at this point in time. Just start with it. NOW - the power of now!

Manifesting is an art and requires patience.

Whether you want to manifest more money, love, a partner, health, healing or a new car, be patient. See it how a project.

You have a goal, a plan, at least one action step, and the right tools at hand. Now sprinkle some gratitude and trust over it and off you go.

Enjoy the ritual of manifesting. And if at any point you feel it doesn't work, go through this article again. Ask yourself if you are doing something that is not quite optimal. Are you in the right energy, do you feel your wish? Sometimes we lose sight of each other, our feelings and our thoughts. Then you may need a small one Quality control of our actions and thoughts to get back on track.

How Often Should One Manifest?

This question is asked very often. In many guides it is written that one should take time to manifest each evening. Manifesting is a lot of subconscious work and energy. It starts with the preparation. If you start to replace negative beliefs with positive ones and write them in your gratitude book, then you change your subconscious.

When we live as if we already have our wish, then we vibrate with our wish in tune with the universe. If we our Vision board visible, then we bring ourselves again and again into the beautiful feeling that our desire evokes in us. Manifesting shouldn't be an item on the to-do list, but part of our way of life.

So I can't tell you, you have to sit down and manifest every evening. If you are really burning for your wish, then it is always present consciously and unconsciously.

If you have any questions on this topic, please write to me. I look forward to the exchange and to supporting you in fulfilling your wishes!

(1) Heart intelligence:

(2) Video Gregg Braden:

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