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You want it or not, but in order to communicate with porters, having a good command of English is not enough, you still need to be familiar with the culture and traditions of the English people in order not to reach you, in order not to reach you to ask a question.

"The British nation is unique in this regard: you are the only one who likes to be told how bad things are, to be told how bad things are, to be told the worst."

"The British nation is unique: you are - single people what you like to hear that everything is very bad and worse there is no place"

~ Winston S. Churchill

The national nature of the English people is better than that of any other people. It has a sense of superiority that can still be called "island pride". British patriotism is based on a deep security cut where they are as a nation through the centuries.

The look and nature of a typical British man

The British are easy to learn in appearance and manners of behavior. And more carefully looking, determine what part of the country this person

Appearance of a typical British man

The middle-aged English man is usually tall, his face is widespread, reddish (seldom tanned) with soft pressed cheeks, and often blue-born eyes. Women, like men, often very much tall. For this and other long necks, the eyes are slightly curved and the front teeth protrude somewhat.

Lighter but colorful against the backdrop of the British Scots and Irish look . SQuferious with a lively face and a steady gait, the Scots, who often wear thick red shoes. Scots eyes usually have blonde gray, blue, green. Also for the residents of Scotland is characterized by a light skin that is not rosy. Cold northern sun.

The highest percentage of redheaded people in the world lives in Scotland - about 13% of the population have red hair.

Many often confused scots with irish They say Irish appearance is light red hair, freckles and blue eyes. So this is a stereotype. On the streets of the cities you often meet the guys with dark hair and red beards. The executor of the role of Harry Potter - a typical representative of the Irish appearance: narrow face, often elongated, empty cheeks with blushing spots, and not "apples".

Order and calm.

The British are very much valued by the discipline. And she is considered the most educated and polite in the world. Since British courtesy is specific, it is often mistaken for cold. Ruff temperament and passionate passions drift under the mask of coldness and superiority. Principles of "gentlemanly behavior" (exemplary self-regulation), were built into a cult with Queen Victoria, but still to this day.

The British are on the rise, prone to avoiding sharp corners that are inherent in the desire to be out of curious views, which creates a cult of privacy. It happens enough to look at the English crowd on national holiday or at a soccer game to be like the national temperament has run away under the ZONDA of self-control.

For example, politely respect and fulfill their personal space politely, do not improve your nose in your affairs but do not ask questions, even find out the name of the person without a weighting right for the reasons that is indecent rudeness.

The British are distinguished by moderation, which they do not forget, both during work and in joy.

Almost nothing is showdown on the Englishman. He lives everything above all and most of all for himself. His nature is characterized by a love of order, comfort, the desire for spiritual activity. He loves good traffic, a fresh suit, a rich library.

With the human hustle and bustle, it's not difficult to learn this Englishman. No sound and scream is not touched. He won't stop for a minute. Where necessary he will certainly be wounded, turn off the sidewalk, Wilnets Willy, without expressing his important physiognomy or the slightest surprise or fear.

Of course, they want to see the same manners around them. Hence the best reason to start a conversation with a friend, and even an unfamiliar British man -

Habits and way of life of the British

"My house is my fortress", jokes the British, prefers to spend evenings in a quiet family circle, discussing the events of the previous day in front of the fireplace.

Conservatism or Faithfulness to Tradition?

Britons value public order very much And never rude. Their passion for games is well known, but even so, the British are very serious about business problems.

Often times the British are called the Conservatives because they stand for the traditions they are passionate about trying to preserve in pristine people. However, this engagement is the most attractive to tourists from all over the world.

The tradition in Great Britain is considered to be all of that : Rituals and habits, features of life and behavior (for example, live green blood, bright red mailboxes, right steering wheel and left movement, two-story red buses, judges in eighteenth-century coat and powder wigs, fur beds on the royal guardsmen who don't even remove them in a 30 degree heat).

Find out more about the mistake of British living you can in the article

After work, the residents of England like to spend time in pubs, on football and in various clubs (for example in the gardeners' blocks). They loved these places because here they feel more relaxed, it is easier for new friends, combined with a common interest.

I will write about English men. I think the text dispels some myths that are very strong in Russia among women. In the time of the USSR it was the belief that a foreigner is almost a prince on a white horse. Such a misunderstanding may be justified with objective causes, an iron curtain, etc., but I noticed that the myth about some kind of exclusivity from men to the hill is still alive as all living things, and it is still considered very prestigious as very prestigious to be a stranger. I've never had ideas like this before, so I'm surprising, especially around educated women to confront

I will describe how the caring occurs and I will try to give a specific trait to men in general. I will write about the English family later, as well as the broader aspects of the culture. Make a reservation right away that I am writing from the position of traditional and conservative views.


In England, men are less likely to change. But not because the British are so moral, it's just the principle of "fair play", an honest game. Alien takes me badly. In addition, the English is inert, they do not really reflect on the subject of feelings and love, and do not change, to change the existing order of things, but to have a mistress, it is very expensive in terms of time, finances and energy. Just like leaving the established family

The British are not attracted in terms of appearance. You can often see a handsome man in a couple with a non-zealous woman, sometimes honestly ugly. And not because English women are terrible and do not decide by anyone, at all, in Great Britain, the cult of appearance and body is in fact not very developed, and again plays the role of indolence: go down the path of least resistance 'Usually ugly women are cheaper. Men in old age do not claim to be a relationship too young, which most often the coworkers choose.

The British after the divorce are honestly paying Alimie. Again, the principle of fair play, as well as the legislation where you don't worry even though there is a loophole on non-payment - use as nice. After the divorce, our children cannot see it for years and they cannot take care of them even if the entire child support is paid

The British drink, drink a lot, but still roll less often in the Frank multi-day cracks. It again depends on the societies of the class, but if you take a middle farmer, the percentage of clinical alcoholics is less than in Russia, but here there were no such disasters as in Russia, from which not that we will not go.

English men by becoming an open addict, with the exception of professional gigolo, but only because the rare English will make such a split possible.

In terms of appearance, the British themselves followed, but without fanaticism. Americans love jokes about the curvature and start of the teeth of the British, it's true. In principle there is no cult for the sports pump body in men. Well, try not to overeat, they are doing aerobic exercise as they are forces that do not result in a muscular body. In the lower social classes for food are not monitored at all.

Gentleman is already a dinosaur

Many women in Russia believe in the myth that the British are all gentlemen, and in general almost every aristocrat ... if not in blood, then with a vocation. Gentlemen here is not in the mother. And it wasn't in the spirit of juniority before the sexual revolution either. The true English lady could endure all the events of fate and not complain, she did not have to wait for the cross of men. At the moment there is essentially no ritual of judgment. It does not depend on the social classes ... by the way, the paradox, but also on the usual works of the working class of more consumed and triculated men than among those who are higher in the staircase of society.

Fear of confusion.

The British of both sexes are generally very composed people, the greatest nightmare of the Englishman is in the situation in the embarrassment of the situation i.e. H. In the situation of awkwardness, confusion, confusion. Almost all communication codes are designed to avoid this situation from occurring. Another cultural aspect - the British are not straightforward, they love to run with the nate, allegory or just absolutely the opposite of what they think the manifestation of feelings is not accepted. This is also part of the confusion avoidance process. In this aspect, the relationship between M and W is only the same minefield for the poor, in every step there is a risk in every step that there is a risk that the elevation or misunderstanding had a lot, they are afraid, to express the seriousness of intentions and feelings, the British, I don't like straight serious seriousness in any way, it is considered Movietone. The English women on the love front are much familiar and uncomplicated than the British, otherwise it would be completely reproduced at all.

Flirt and care ... if you can express

The British don't know how to flirt. Rather, they know how to flirt, but only as part of polite etiquette when nothing obliges. In England, unlike the United States, flirting at work is not a crime and even part of a corporate culture. There are special places for secular flirting - cafeteria, printer, etc.

But if the Englishman falls in love, although it is a loud word, if they have temperament, well, let's say it begins with attraction to a woman, then there is a stand. Overcoming this stand is peculiar. Two ways

1. Irony and sarcasm. Piercing. As in. Elementary school: Sharaclated The girl on the briefcase head - showed sympathy. So with the British. Sympathy is expressed in the coat of arms and Steeba. In principle, it's actually funny and funny when a woman is okay with self-uronia, I really like the English humor, but over time it gets annoying and angry.
2. Frank rudeness. A paradoxical situation arises, but with all the fear of confusion, the Englishman is more likely to get drunk in Drabadan and say something like "in the mood for a shag" (meaning "can be") than a woman to " officially "to be submitted" date. Since a date is too straightforward, even in the forehead, speaks too openly about feelings and intentions. And it seems to offer a reservoir doesn't seem to be gone between the case if it's not so confused: "I, no matter what happened, I was impatient and you worked well in the role of sperm."

Problem dating.

With the characteristics of communication described above, a dating problem arises. Relationships usually come true or in the workplace or in the learning process or through a circle of friends and acquaintances. It is not accepted to get to know each other, to get to know a completely unauthorized person in a sober form. I remember myself when I met the Englishman in the park where I was taking pictures. When he shared it with her local pals, this passage was discussed for a long time. Everyone was very surprised and alarmed that it took and came up to meet. As a result, my friends agreed that nothing good should not be expected from this man ... Basically, it turned out.
When we talk about some type of dating clubs, the principle of indirectness works again and goes around and around. After all, a club or dating location is too frankly a statement of your intentions. Therefore, on the dating sites, the British are rarely the first to write to themselves, they "wink", lies, but rarely write a message. Those of my friends who found a pair through sites, the first step was taken by themselves.
Article author:

Therefore, it often takes place between completely unauthorized people in a drunk fuel in clubs and pubs. A man gets drunk before losing momentum, and then Osmeleev rolls on the woman you liked, if a woman is not in it, then there is a preliminary petting on the sofa or in the corner without being obscene, on someone at home by the bed to end, learn it. Very romantic. Many of my local friends just met their permanent friends and even husbands, and this is not a lower social class but trained young professionals from good families. If a man has not reached the clarification, he will be chilled on a woman, but it will be afraid ... Even if all eyes cut out, cakented. Sometimes they just don't understand the language of flirting and flirting, even Frank is flirting. Feminism still plays the role here. And without aggressive feminism, the British aren't very brave, and with feminism they are so scared. Women have already become the process of dating in their hands, and the first one is suitable. Therefore, men already often play the role of the young Cane women. Conference bakery? No, there is almost no such thing.
article author

It should be noted that the aggressive ideology of feminism, homosexuality, and other rainbow freedoms has significantly influenced the relationship between a man and a woman. It is inevitable. Men can be feminized, women are masculinized.

First date

If a certain step of courtesy began, well, at least the first "official" invitation to a date was vocal, then you shouldn't expect anything exciting. The British are generally extremely non-impulsive and hide their feelings, everything goes on a boring scenario. The invitation to the film is already interesting. Theater is something of a series! Bouquet of flowers - Ogo, this is a clay room! Basically, this is an invitation to a glass of beer in the pub, coffee, less often to dinner in a restaurant. The account is usually split in half. Rarely when paying for a woman. It doesn't depend on a man's introduction. Pay for a woman - it's straightforward and feminism again, but when I've paid it means sex will happen the same evening. Yes, and without paying the account, a man expects a woman who already agrees to sex on the second "officially" declared date. Yes, the English women themselves are nothing, as I wrote above, it is quite normal to jump into bed immediately.

Do not expect interesting compliments, nice confessions, see above. Well, when you say, "You look beautiful, which means," you look good."Resort to such a reception - do not compliment the appearance of a woman who is again too uncomplicated, and her wardrobe items, they say a nice blouse, or you go on. Care is not openly discovered, even if the couple has already been officially found . Lately the boulevards were shouting that the Prince William unveiled the umbrella over Kate and carried it, and even if you will believe it. No, his hands did not fight.
Do not accompany the house, even if they live close together. If you follow, then further sex will be understood.

Sloth and the laziness of people sometimes reach funny. Often times when a certain acquaintance has happened and has exchanged phones the men seem to negotiate with the Aunt-AA-Tete's first meeting, and then once and say something like, "Look, I'm congested here, let's just come on to me, we'll watch a movie or prepare something. "Reading -" I'm lazy to get up from the sofa in general, so let's come rewrite in faster. In my opinion, prostitutes facilitate much easier in this case.

Most Britons are deprived of a certain instinctive kuraza of the man in order to reach a woman, to invest some effort so that it is in the future. If a woman is medleet with sex, even if the woman is very beautiful, intelligent and just a find, then men immediately switches to better and more conspiratorial. Hence, such a distribution has acquired intercultural marriages as the British are married to black women, Chinese women, Philippines and the like. Cell phones less

Society of Asexuals

But what about secular hallanery? It's not here in relation to women. There is an extravagant courtesy when they glue doors or pass them on regardless of the floor. It does not accept or serve a coat with women, does not make a chair, does not help to bring a heavy bag to the subway or the airport while the woman does not ask. In women, they are free, they allow scabies, including in the working professional atmosphere, and the higher the rank, the smaller a smaller frame is observed. Typically, the apparatus of attraction to the woman is "buddy", which means a buddy or can even be translated as "guy". Initially the word was used in informal communication between men of the lower classes, now outside of gender and outside of classes. It seems that society is completely asexual. If anyone is active in this regard, it's gays and lesbians. And heterosexuals as a bag dusty due to the nailed corner

There are such extreme attitudes in a woman and positive moments. It's pretty easy to date at all types of seminars, EF events, you can safely exchange contacts with men, and they won't perceive it as a flirtation or an ambiguous offer. That is, socialize, comfortably.

There are also men between the British in the traditional and say the "continental" understanding of this word, it is often around 40 or higher. Also self-confident in himself, not inert, not inert and not amoe-like men and younger, but again it is not a rule, but rather an exception.

Here the Irish people are more likely to be men in their masses as Irish society still keeps traditional ways. But the Scots say hello, I don't like it at all, are quite hysterical and greedy, there are anecdotes about their misfortune for the British.

I will write about English family later

"All men are equal" - We say women.

And here are unequal.

After speaking to his mother-in-law, her friends, and other female representatives, I decided to write about the annoying women in English men, as well as strange habits that put others in a stupor.

1 english men love to complain

He slept badly - everything in the house should be known about it. He is tired at work, works in normal mode from ten in the morning to six evenings. And you listen to complaints. Nobody forbids complaining, but it is not necessary to make a tragedy of it and spoil the mood.

When my husband and I go for a walk, picnic, picnic, or do some great horse riding, he plans a day with me and gleefully nods his head at my suggestions. At first glance, such behavior does not raise suspicion. Once it comes to the practice, he starts changing plans, identifying medical conditions, or just indulging the rest of the mood. The British are in a good mood. If they don't have a mood - then nobody will. Interestingly, they are generally very smiling and positive people. Very much love to laugh at yourself and hang out on others. But if the Englishman has not got off this foot, the end of the world will come for everyone.

2 english men are very sloppy

With the development of feminism in Europe, women stopped following their husbands. A man is no longer a miner. The woman's place is no longer in the kitchen. Fortunately for men, Russian women are known as another Western term, but neither as a struggle for soil equality. I treat the Russian girls who are preparing for their husband and choosing his scattered socks and panties all over the house. And everyone says they are feminists.

The British are pretty sloppy people. When someone has perfect house cleanliness, their conclusion is OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). The British can be understood. Other training. The main thing is in the head and the fact that they do not care in Kavardak's house.

When British feminists found out I was prepping my husband three times a day, I would pick his dirty clothes off the floor and throw them in the washing machine, and then I would spend the hour hanging out they would hit me. They just don't understand that if I don't do this, our house will be turned into a dump of dirty men's underwear, and the husband will die starving or grind from burgers and sandwiches.

3 English men are not masters

After my husband almost missed me a restaurant door due to his carelessness. I realized they weren't masters. He didn't even think it was necessary to hold the door for his lady. The door slammed right in front of my nose.

Another situation. I had to climb to the attic because he's afraid of heights. "I'm scared of her too," I said, and climbed (because my suitcase had to be moved to the attic). British men do not understand why they should do someone else's work, even if that person is a woman. Men and women are equal to each other.

My husband always paid me in the restaurant and still pays - it's a huge rarity. Most English men offer to split the bill in half. Nobody wants to pay for others - so expensive.

4 english men are not romantic

They are ready to spend money on you (in moderate amounts). They are ready to buy you nice dress or shoes (from a cheap store). But they will never arrange a romantic surprise. The British are not romantic. They don't know how to make surprises or they are just too lazy.

For example, my husband is very happy to take me to a restaurant, shop, buy me a new phone - he's a pretty generous Englishman. When it comes to surprises, they are usually very straightforward English - no romance and surprises in these surprises. I write it on the characteristics of the English culture.

The British don't expect men from insane acts, the candlelight dinner or unplanned trip around the world. They love to live very measured: without shake and adventure.

Who is the Englishman?
The English are not only part of the English nation, but also their style, lifestyle and thinking. "Watson, I don't need much - just a clean collar and tube" - as Sherlock Holmes spoke. But you can also add a blazing fireplace, beans and boiled carrots for dinner, and tea with milk - all the time. I like the British - they are specific, unlike any other nation in the world they are insidious, cunning, clever, selfish, reserved and horror cynical. But at the same time - sentimental, in love, naive and childishly direct. Take this over if you came to our dating site with the British!
The British are the smartest nation on earth. At least take the fact that the whole world speaks English (at least its civilized part). While all other countries saved in their internal problems, the British slowly won the whole world. Even America opened by the Spanish, even Australia, opened by the Dutch, then occupied the British! The British made almost all the inventions of technical progress. No wonder their country is called Great Britain! Think he married an Englishman, you will indeed live the great country!
On every Englishman, wherever he lives, is the seal of his nationality. The French cannot always be distinguished from the Italian or the Spanish, but the English are hard to confuse with anyone. Wherever he appears, he will practice his customs everywhere, his behavior, his behavior, everywhere and for everyone, will not change his habits, he is at home everywhere. This is an original, distinctive, extremely one-piece. You will use his knowledge if you are looking for serious dating with the UK. The first and most obvious characteristic of this nation is stability and constancy. You are less subject to the effect of the time sender than others. Curiosity allowed them to get acquainted with the best of what other nations possess, and yet they remained true to their traditions. The discretion of French cuisine, the English will not imitate it at home. As the embodiment of conformism, the British also preserve individuality. We hope this British dating site allows you to meet just one interesting, intelligent, original person! In the future I will try to talk about many features of this amazing nation, I hope this information will be useful to women who decided to make serious acquaintances with the British and marry the English.
When it comes to the Englishman's "tight upper lip" there are two concepts behind it - the ability to self (the cult of Selfongrol) and the ability to respond to life situations (the cult of prescribed behavior). Neither nor another was characteristic of the British until the beginning of the 19th century. The cordiality and self-control, restraint and Eisoursander were not by the characteristics of an English nature for "jolly old England" where the tops and bottoms of society were more likely, a hot tempered temper where there were no moral prohibitions on behavior where the favorite glasses were public executions and spanking rods, bearish and roosters, where even humor was implicated in cruelty.
.English gentleman SPATIC trait
Often the familiarity with the British seeks precisely these intelligent and beautifully produced women, tired of daily rudeness, who want to meet precisely the demanding, tactful and beautifully educated English gentleman. Let's try to understand what this concept is meant today.
The principles of "gentlemanly behavior" were established with Queen Victoria attached to the cult. And they sat down on the steep morale of "Old England".
The British and now have a constant battle with themselves, with the natural passions of temperament pulling out outside. And such hard self-control takes too many soul forces. This can be partly explained by the fact that the British are rising, tend to circumvent sharp corners inherent in the desire to be out of strange views, which creates a cult of privacy.
It happens enough to look at the English crowd on a national holiday or at a football game to feel the national temperament being torn out under self-control. Now we understand that the English character is very controversial and because of that it looks Russian! Dating the British makes you involuntarily make this comparison!
The British of a simple class are extremely friendly and helpful. The Englishman who asks the Englishman, the Englishman will take his shoulder away and start showing him the street with different visual receptions, which repeats the same thing several times, and after that the same thing will take care of what do not believe in asking that soon the soon could see it all.
There are no people in Europe whose habit is built into such an inviolable law. Once the habit exists, no matter how strange it is, ridiculous or original there is no well-trained Englishman to break it. Although the Englishman is politically free, he obeys strict public discipline and rooted profit.
The Englishman feels strong with society, but no one knows how much of him is withdrawn by numerous friends. He's not annoying
It works a lot, but always finds time and relaxes. He works in the opening times, does not bend his back, as it affects all mental and physical forces. Free time He likes to indulge himself in pleasure.
Money - Kumir British. None of every wealth is so honored. Whatever the British public situation, whether it is a scientist, a lawyer, a political figure or a clergyman, first of all he is a trader. He pays a lot of money in every field. His first concern is always everywhere - to get as much as possible. At the same time, however, the unbridled greed and passion for winning the Englishman is no border at all: loves to live with great comfort and on a broad leg. Many Russians who marry the Englishman noticed that they are quite generous men who would rather spend money on family than their own entertainment.
The Englishman has an innate ability to see adventure. Phlegmatic by natural, he can be passionate about everyone great, new, original. When the life of the Englishman develops in such a way that it turns out to be deprived of the opportunity to wage an uphill struggle with everyday obstacles, he begins to suffer from unbearable handrea who called "an English cleft". Then from the GULP boredom it is accepted to seek entertainment in the strangest of adventures.
The ideal of the British is independence, education, dignity, honesty and selflessness, tact, the elegance of manner, exquisite courtesy, the ability to sacrifice time and money for a good cause, the ability to lead and obey , Perseverance to elevate the goal, the lack of CV.
This, of course, helps that the valuable qualities of the English gentleman, dandy, help us that acquaintances with the British are always the most interesting, new experience of communication, which help to open up and appreciate the model of behavior that has been around for almost two centuries Benchmark was.
Men make houses, women make houses
In a land wrought by wild winds, rains and mist, the conditions are created where a person is more than nowhere else, lonely in his home and away from his neighbors. Acquaintances with the British will be a leader in the world of English family traditions, one of which is home-made comfort. This concept entered other languages ​​from English. The English home is a particular apex of comfort and convenience. The situation that includes lots of objects, tables, docks, sofas and chairs, all in front of the fireplace, with the firewood crackling, the cup of whiskey in your hands, whatever else is needed to meet old age! The British attitude of the British attitude is special, exhausting, they do not recognize apartments, prefer the small ones, even in installments in interest, but their home with a Parisian vein. It is not by chance that almost everyone at home in England has names, it creates inconvenience for guests and postmen, but shows a very personal, very reverent attitude of the British towards his living space. Russian girls are happy to take care of the house and family comfort. A woman who marries the Englishman should know that in the face of the spouse, find a connoisseur of home comfort and the beauty of the interior.
The family
The average English family: married couple with two children - still remains an ideal family icon in Britain, but many young people in modern England do not take this position.For example, the traditional idea that the husband goes to work and the wife follows the house and takes care of children - only applies to 10% of English families. Only 40% of couples who have a full family live in the UK. Large numbers of people in Britain have repeated marriages and raised other people's children. Today a great many English people who are disappointed take part in the upbringing of children as compatriots and keep the family heart in order to come to the international dating site with the British and in search of Russian women who are married to the English.
The UK is home to a large number of women and men living together before marriage. For example, in 1961 only 1 percent of married couples lived together before marriage, while in 1976 the number rose to 25 percent. In addition, more than 50% of them were already in their 40s. By 2000, more than 75% of young couples were living together before the wedding. Unfortunately, every couple in the UK doesn't create families. From 1979 to 1991 the number of divorced women and widows rose from 11 to 23%. These are women aged 18 to 49. The UK has the largest amount of divorces in Europe. 38% of the pairs are bred. More than half of them - in the first few years of living together.
A similar crisis suggests that the woman is not configured to create a family, but on a career. The age of marriage also increased when the previous average age of those who marry was 24 years old. Now it is now - it's 28 years old. If you are planning to marry the Englishman, you will know that he is tired of feminized women and will appreciate your desire to have a child, be a friend and lover. UK men are recorded on our dating site with the British to find a woman from Russia!
Family relationships
Acquaintances with the British show you that a somewhat different, unusual model of family relationships exists in this country. Mazh and the woman here, who are less bothered here, disrupt each other's business than is typically a sophisticated couple. in other countries. The inlet atmosphere is characterized by restraint as a kind of self-defense from excessive familiarity. However, when the open manifestations of sympathy are suppressed, the signs of irritation, resentment, anger are also suppressed. There are almost no noisy scenes in English families, and so there was a demonstrative reconciliation.
Considering the Japanese, Italians and many other peoples, the family is like the port from where a person goes into an independent swim and where he gives back the life of the storms of life. The British do not count on close relatives to help with difficulties, but feel no sense of debt or responsibility towards them. However, this is more English than a British feature that is less inherent in multi-seed Irish, as well as the Scottles with their clans.
Changes affect the development of the roles of men and women in the family cell. Increasingly, women are becoming the second or even the most important financial earrings, as a result of which children become less aware of it. As a result, households and nannies appear in families with a high degree of wealth who practice the duties traditionally inherent in the focus of the custodian.
Land of the little Harry pots
Children should be visible but not heard - children need to be seen but not heard
motherhislovemo.rejuvenatespoilchild- a child can have too much of his mother's blessings
To the British and their traditions, we unwittingly compare all aspects of our lives as well as methods of raising children.
British children do not wait for someone to cut over them, indulge in their whims, surround them with an unlimited tenderness and caress. They understand that they live the adult kingdom where they must know their place and that the place is not on the knees of Pope or Mom. Regardless of the family income, they dress children very simply - the younger teaches the fact that once the parents acquired. And by eight hours not only babies, but also schoolchildren unconditionally and indelibly to sleep so that they do not disturb the parents who have their own plans for the evening. Children under the age of five are not accepted at all, even if there are no guests in the house. However, within clearly defined boundaries of the forbidden, children are free from minor custody and third-party interventions that teach them not only to be independent, but also to be accountable for their actions
For English children, childhood is such a time that you need as soon as possible (so that it is possible to smear the sentimental eyelashes with the sentimental eyelashes). For a little Englishman, it means reaching great apexes: after all, there are far fewer responsibilities and responsibilities in adults than in children. Angalish education system sets the chapter angle and no intelligence. In addition, it is believed that society breathes from the nature of man in his actions, not his views. Hence the role that the English school gives the education of the norms of behavior.
British and love
It is important to note that it is not possible to automatically project the model of the behavior of Russian men and women just starting relations with the English! If you have already registered on our website and have interesting acquaintances with the British, you should know that the shape of the calls is different! An Englishman who likes a woman chooses witty, ironic, especially inherent in older men. We know that when a man keeps mocking and mocking himself at us all the time, it usually means we like it, and when we are reconstructed to him, it is best to best express your attitude in the form of similar puddles and teasers . This does not mean that British men never compliment Frank or invite women on a date. It also happens. However, if you have the opportunity to get to the destination in the area, you will surely take advantage of it.
If we, the Russians, fall in love from time to time, then the British fall in love with no less frequency. They explain this: "" - "I'm falling in love". Real wonderful sounds? At the same time, the Englishman, as a rule, does not fall one, but necessarily falls with someone, so it is common to say, for example: "" - "I am falling in love with you". Let the British friends on our website guide you to a meeting with someone who will one day tell you these words!
In view of the overt, disrepaired manifestation of the senses through a sign of an amount of money, the British sometimes immediately judge the behavior of foreigners, just like foreigners, the British often judge, taking a mask of non-marketability for the person himself or unaware of why must genuinely independent state Under such a mask, hide our dating site with the British.
When the Englishman begins to look after the Russian young lady, for example, there are sometimes serious discrepancies and misunderstandings, since the behavioral patterns in modern English and Russian societies are significantly different. In figuring, which often resembles a game or a ritual, two - a man and a woman - are seldom on top of each other and honestly with each other from the start. It would be too primitive - a man says to a woman: "I love you!", If the woman answers you: "I love you too," and they become a couple. A woman tries to understand a man's feelings from his behavior, from what he tells her. These two components must correspond to one another, then the men's senses can be perceived as sincere. The English expression "actions say louder than the loudest words" as it is impossible to correspond to this situation. As an example, we give the case that occurred in St. Petersburg. The girl wanted to marry the Englishman, registered with the British on the dating site, where she found a nice young man who voted at the meeting, he arrived.
So, a young couple, the Englishman and the Russian young lady of twenty-three, went to drink coffee. They attended in English, which the girl knew very well. They showed interest in each other, but have not yet discussed this question as they only knew each other for a month and a half - they were in the delivery city early on. The Englishman behaves in the way he would behave in this situation in England (as described in the example above) - he opens the door in front of the lady in the café, but no more, and he does not offer to pay for them. During the whole date in the cafe they drink coffee, joke, reason for various topics, but do not influence the questions of an intimate or personal nature. The Englishman tries to show his interest in the girl - smiles at her and gives her a long look, but does not concern her (since in English culture such a gesture is considered "rude", especially after a brief acquaintance). As usual, a woman leaves the initiative in the hands of a man and does not take bold actions against his cavalier, since it does not want to seem obsessive. One date left the girl with a bitter impression that a young man is not interested as a woman. From the Englishman's point of view, he did enough to show his feelings for her, but in fact it didn't turn out that way. In this episode, a mismatch was discovered between a man's intentions expressed in his behavior and how the woman interpreted them because the model of intoxication in England does not coincide with Russian. Young people had to be explained for a long time.
Remember that each of us depends on the traditions in which it has grown, and even when people really like each other, sometimes unforeseen situations that we can breathe mistakenly due to the elementary ignorance of the norms of behavior.
We hope you have interesting acquaintances with English, and our advice will help you!

England is a mysterious country, distinguished by a bright history and unique culture. There are many legends associated with local residents regarding this state. As a rule, the characteristic traits of the local citizens are arrogance, understanding and reference.

It is likely that it is in the position that many girls who wish to marry the Englishman fear several difficulties in communicating with British citizens.

Note that there is usually no difficulty in communicating with them. All of these are just fictional stereotypes. In order for the Englishman to open his soul with a new acquaintance, it is necessary to try well. The manifestation of stormy emotions and feelings is inconspicuous to the local gentlemen. First of all, it can show that the polite attitude towards nearby people is arrogance and coldness, although in fact it is only dictated by good manners and, of course, arousing.

The Behavior of British Men: Main Functions and Functions

Usually men are consumed and kept in this country. If you get to know the British better, then understand that most of them are innate diplomats who try to avoid disagreements, disputes and conflict situations in various ways. The future English husband, of course, will be no exception. For the fair sex attitude, citizens of Great Britain are courteous and inconsistent.

It's easy to explain: the British recognize the equality of soils. That is why they offer fair sex to representatives with full freedom of action, where they can deal with the problem. The initiator of the marriage is entirely a girl. Of course, if necessary, a citizen of the country will always respond to a woman's request and will definitely help if it is in his power.

We note that for the whole evening in the company of a girl, a young man can never touch her. It's easy to explain. The feel of the beats in local men is associated with a broad concept of intimate space.

The main belief of the citizens of Great Britain - "My apartment is my fortress"

Local citizens really appreciate the convenience and focus. They tremble on the family and on the subconscious. At work, the people of the country are impartial and cold-blooded, and in the family circle a man from Great Britain is completely different: he is gentle, caring, and smokes. Their respect for the family is due to the fact that they respect their traditions and customs. Good parents are made by the citizens of this country, they are very committed to raising the children. If the marriage breaks down, the children in his home will always be desirable.

The British work for the vitality of nature. As a rule, they have a stable character. The British are less concerned than others by fashion, time and generally what is happening.

Character of the men of this country

The main characteristics of the British are the ability to be self-possessed (in other words, self-control) as well as the ability to react to situations (i.e. there is a certain cult of right behavior).

In the days of old England such functions as restraint, non-negotiability, courtesy and self-control were not with the citizens of the country. Then all men were quickly tempered, violent and regardless of whether the top of society or the bottom is. Tying behavior was the norm back then, and favorite glasses are roosters, executions, and spanking rods. At the time, humor was pretty cruel.

Gentlemen's principles were grafted upon by the British citizens during Queen Victoria. During the same period they ruled in ancient England's past. Citizens of Great Britain believe that serenity is the main asset of a human nature. The nation's motto is "in hands in hands." It is believed that the better a person owns himself, the more of him. They believe that in trouble, joy, success and failure, that you must be undesirable from the outside, and even better - internally. Children in this country are able to deal with calm hunger, cold, fear, and restlessness and love .

Citizens of Great Britain believe that the manifestation of feelings is the very best sign of hopelessness. They are therefore reported to foreign citizens.

The British are constantly struggling with themselves because of natural passion, which is constantly running out. As you understand, such hard self-control takes a lot of soul forces. With his senses he wants to give citizens of the country to holidays and soccer games. There you can understand their national temperament which is so torn. British boys are passionate about football, often playing it, and never miss the matches in the stadiums to cheat for his favorite club. If you are going to marry an Englishman, pay attention to his hobby. Even better - become a cheerleader.

Citizens of Great Britain are inherently in moderation. As a rule, most of them are introverts. There is no showdown in the citizens of England. You only live for yourself. These people love order and comfort. They strive for mental activity. They like good autos books as well as expensive costumes.

Captured and rationalism

The British always do the communication. Most of the citizens of the country are rational, they know how to reflect their skills and strength. If a man has promised, he will surely fulfill everything. By the way, since you are planning to become an English woman, you have to fulfill your communication as well.

"We are not rich enough to get cheap things" ... This is a phrase from England. So be prepared for the Englishman's husband to be happy to get you an expensive high quality thing but spend on cheap consumer goods are a UK citizen who is unapproved. In the eyes of the British, there is an irrational waste of cash. More citizens of the country are distinguished by an unusual time.

When we talk about the soul, it is sensitive. The British crave warm and attention. A man from this country will be happy to discuss problems with you over a cup of tea. However, the discussion is necessary in order to look for a constructive solution or exit.If you want to pay, you know that such "platen" prices are unusual for citizens with an English education.

Family values ​​and traditions of Great Britain

Another distinctive characteristic of the British is loyalty to traditions, deep respect for the queen, proud of a heroic ancestor. The statements about the family tree are only positive, and criticism or doubt is prohibited.

British good family man, they respect family values, treat your family very reverently. If there are problems in the marriage, the Englishman will make all possible compromises to save the family from divorce. More unpredictable for this state (especially in humans), such phenomena as jelly scenes, violent clarification of relationships. For the Englishman the house is his fortress!

And why didn't the British want to marry local women? Because they usually want to become a business woman and completely forget about the house and family. That is why men in this country are sent to find wives in other countries.

How do you marry a citizen of Great Britain and become a real English lady?

Getting married to foreign citizens is not as easy as it seems. Foreign husband is a job and working on himself. When marrying a citizen of Great Britain, the prospective bride should consider the following nuances. First you need to learn English. It is considered one of the ordinary foreign languages. It is possible to find out quickly and easily, especially when communicating with a native speaker. Immersion in an English speaking society allows you to improve your ability to perfect.

Then you need to explore the UK measurement system. Remember, the British are conservative citizens, they still pay pounds and measure everything in pints.

You have to buy a fracture and a dress (classic). If you remember the old English films, there were English lords dressed in trints and top hats. Note that such a rule of etiquette remains to this day. There should be a strict classic at weddings, and an evening dress at parties.

If you are planning to marry a UK citizen, forget about diet. There is a tea party at five o'clock - this is a centuries-old tradition. Life stops, everyone starts drinking tea.

You need to learn how to cook what your future spouse will love. It will not have dishes with spices, condiments, or borsch. Citizens of Great Britain are unacceptable in the diet of excesses.

You have to bother yourself with a careful attitude towards things as well as difficult savings. It should be noted that they do not buy dozens of pairs of shoes or boots, do not shop every week, do not purchase furniture for home and household appliances particularly often. They believe that it is better, but it is of high quality.

For them, old is more expensive than new. British citizens are hardly on water, electricity (in winter time. The heating in the houses is separated, everyone goes to their coats), products, petrol. In the family budget there is a separate item - charity. All local citizens are employed by charities: help chancellors, hospitals, as well as accommodation.

Before deciding to go with the English, decide that you want to marry the United Kingdom or a citizen of the country. Locals are very smart, so the chosen one quickly sincerely feels of your intentions, otherwise trust will be hopelessly lost.

If you have really decided to marry a British citizen, dare to marry!