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When you were a baby, back then, we already knew ... that you would look like dad and when you were 20 are bald.
Ahora, supimos, hace mucho, Cuando eras un bebé que serías como Papá, calvo a lot 20.
You can buy a sports car when you are 47 and are bald
Puedes comprarte un deportivo cuando tengas 47 y seas calvo.
It is obvious you has no Bald head!
Well, Parker, you has Didn't notice it when I got off the chemo a bald head had, so yeah it was worth a try.
Bueno, Parker, no te diste cuenta de estaba calva por la quimio, así que, sí, valía la pena intentarlo.
Because the phosphoric acid causes a bald head in men.
Porque el ácido fosfórico genera un patrón de calvicie en los hombres.
So, our nameless one had a bald head.
Bueno, nuestro John Doe era calvo.
Harry had a bald head and talked with his mouth full.
Harry era calvo y hablaba con la boca llena.
The bookseller, Dennis Cooley, did a bald head.
Dennis Cooley, el vendedor de libros, es calvo.
You get there quickly a bald head.
But a bald head combing over is an illusion.
I thought of a bald head or a crazy hair color.
Has a bald head, wears skirts and makes up.
Si no te conociera, Sherman, Diría que estas celoso.
Do you get a bald head, you will get your money back.
You have to fear that you too a bald head get.
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