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Aries zodiac sign - traits and characterTypical Aries - this is what you need to know about him

Everything you always wanted to know about Aries: These are the characteristics of the zodiac sign
True to the motto "Here I am", Aries is a child of spring. Born between March 21st and April 20th, you will ensure a lot of new energy in your environment. A spirit of optimism and impulsiveness not only characterize the month of your birth, but are also reflected also clearly reflected in your constellation.

Character traits of the Aries-born

Aries is confident and exudes this. He knows his strengths and always has the goal in mind.

Strengths of the zodiac sign Aries

Similar to his constellation, Aries, the Aries woman or the Aries man races his head purposefully through the wall. For Aries, obstacles are challenges and thus their motivation. His ambition is what makes him strong. Like its element, fire, the Aries is combative, courageous and idealistic. He is not afraid of competition, it only moves him forward. If Aries gets something on his mind, he won't give up easily. His willpower is his unique power that nothing or anyone can touch.

Weaknesses and quirks of the Aries

As strong as his character makes the Aries, he sometimes gets in his way. Even if weakness is a foreign word to the Aries, he is considered argumentative. Like fire, Aries women and Aries man are unpredictable and sometimes get lost in their zest for action. Their impatience and impulsiveness make them look reckless and selfish. Aries do not like complicated thinking. He wants everything quickly and immediately. The Aries man or woman should take deep breaths from time to time and use their quick temper for their goals.
Like everyone else, the Aries has certain quirks. His biggest quirk is impatience. Waiting for a long time or even giving up one's rights, incompetence or lack of insight can quickly bring the barrel to overflow.

The zodiac sign Aries in love - adventure or romance?

The behavior of Aries is reflected in all areas of life. Anyone who loves a bit of passionate drama will not regret spending time with Aries. Love and lust are very closely related. True to its element, fire, the person born in Aries is a spirited lover. The loved one is like the prey of a wild animal, which only makes love with an Aries more exciting and sensual.
As usual, the Aries doesn't give up as long as he doesn't have what he wants. However, this can make the advances of the strong zodiac sign exhausting. So if you dream of a quiet and harmonious idyll, you should stay away from the Aries. However, those who prefer fiery passion will experience great joys with the Aries man or the Aries woman.
Eroticism and seduction are the strengths of Aries, equally for men and women. While his object of desire prepares for the attack through feigned weakness and withdrawal, he goes straight to the attack.
On top of that, Aries doesn't forget his determination to be the best, even in bed. The partner of the Aries should not let him fidget too long, otherwise the Aries man or woman will quickly lose interest in him or her. However, this will rarely happen to him, as the Aries zodiac sign is considered sporty, alluring and attractive.

The Aries at work - the career ladder only goes uphill

Anyone who thinks that Aries will behave differently in their professional career is wrong. Above all, the competition drives him. Aries wants to be groundbreaking and innovative. The goal in front of his eyes is the most important thing. He likes to forfeit the title of reckless for this, but his job is not about friendships anyway. Aries is too fixated on success for that.
Aries prefer to head for their destination in a self-determined and direct way. Complicated thinking and detours in his actions seem useless to him and waste the energy of the Aries-born. The zodiac sign Aries is spontaneous by nature and still manages to be among the best.
The ability to work in a team is not one of his strengths, because Aries prefer to work alone. This allows him one hundred percent control of his projects, paths and goals and at the same time guarantees the determined Aries full charge of recognition. But be careful, he shouldn't overdo it, otherwise he'll just slow himself down. Aries' self-confidence shouldn't get too much for him, because with his willpower he can still achieve a lot and surprise his colleagues and even himself. The Aries is simply a natural!

The ram as a man

Aries is a real man. He does not shy away from arguments and stands up for his rights. As a fighter, he fearlessly tackles any problem and stands up for his ideas and goals. Nothing gets the Aries off course so easily, because success proves him right. Every challenge only makes the Aries-born stronger - as soon as one goal is reached, the next one is already aimed at.
Even if the Aries seems strong and tireless, he should not forget to divide his strength.
No matter what area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, the Aries zodiac sign does not like to deal with defeat. They offend the ego and therefore tend to be ignored. Success is important to Aries, but it's not about material products, but about fame and recognition.

Aries as a woman

The Aries as a woman is in no way inferior to the man. The Aries woman is spontaneous and strong-willed. She knows what she wants and just takes it. The Aries woman skilfully wraps men around her little finger with her enterprising manner. Her dynamic demeanor is impressive, but it can also be intimidating. Therefore, the Aries woman needs a strong man who can stand up to her. The Aries woman is in no way inferior to the Aries man. Through her strength she stands her own man and fights for what she believes in.

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