What podcasts do teenagers listen to

Trend phenomenon Podcast - These are the best for children and young people

What actually is a podcast?

Nobody can avoid the term “podcast” anymore. While radio and television stations have been using it for a long time, more and more public and private individuals are now getting a taste for it. But what exactly is a podcast anyway?

The term “podcast” is made up of the two English words “pod” and “broadcast”. While broadcast is an English radio term, pod comes from the word Apple iPod. The latter, however, has nothing to do with the necessary playback device. You can listen to podcasts on all devices, such as smartphones, tablets or computers. You don't need an Apple device for this.

Thoughts stimulated through podcasts

Basically, you can think of podcasts as a digital radio recording that's available on-demand. Mostly it is one or more speakers who share, discuss and exchange their thoughts on certain topics. The topics can include anything from conspiracy stories to relationship tips. Creativity knows no limits. Such podcasts can then be played on the Internet and via various apps such as Spotify, Apple Music or Audible.

Since the enthusiasm among adults for the new medium is growing, there is now a large number of podcasts that are aimed specifically at children and young people. Our editorial team therefore took a look at the numerous offers and collected the five most beautiful podcasts for the youngsters.

Clever light - the podcast

How do languages ​​actually come about? What is so fascinating about computer games like Minecraft? Why do we like to be scared sometimes? These questions and more are answered in a playful and understandable way in the weekly podcast "Clever Light". A big advantage here is that the episodes are always kept short, which means that the target group of six to ten year olds does not get bored.

Each episode lasts around thirty minutes, in which the “smart lights” talk about interesting, age-appropriate topics and impart knowledge. The mixture of “Sendung mit der Maus”, “Löwenzahn” and “Wissen macht Ah” is entertaining, instructive and, above all, fun!

Good night, sunshine. The fairy tale podcast.

What do you do in the evening when the kids just don't get tired? The kids already know the bookshelf inside out and watching a TV show is too upsetting. How about a podcast to help you fall asleep instead?

At this point we recommend “Good night, sunshine. The fairy tale podcast. ”, The perfect radio play to relax after a day of learning, romping and laughing. The fairy tales and stories of the podcast are told clearly and calmly, last between ten and thirty minutes and are aimed at the whole family. In addition, it is difficult to get bored, because every Saturday there is a new, magical story. The podcast is perfect for cuddling together and switching off!

Klaro - news for children

Whose child also likes to look at the logo! - The KiKa children's news program? If you like this, you will surely like the podcast version "Klaro" as well. This is created on behalf of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation and has been running for a year. Every Friday the latest news from Germany and the world is reproduced in a child-friendly manner.

Topics such as microplastics, species protection or organ donation are dealt with and clearly explained in eight-minute episodes. The podcast is particularly recommended for children between the ages of six and twelve. Because at Klaro, knowledge is conveyed in a playful way and what is happening in the world is explained in an easily understandable way.


There is now a large selection of recommended podcasts, not just for the little ones. Spotify, Audible and Co. also offer a lot of interesting contributions for young people. Among these, “podknast.de” stands out, a podcast published by young people who are in juvenile detention.

Since 2009, juvenile offenders have been reporting on life behind bars, their past and the future. The project was set up by the Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia to provide information on the subject of “youth prison”. The special thing about this podcast: In addition to normal audio contributions, there are also videos that show everyday life in prison even more vividly.

Do you already know? - The audio puzzle for young and old

If listening to your children for 30 minutes is too long, then our last recommendation is exactly right. One episode of "Do you already know?" Lasts just three minutes and is still just as exciting as the rest of the podcasts. Because in this series of articles, the gray cells of our children have to be particularly strained.

You have to guess a different animal in each episode, which will bring great joy, especially to children between the ages of three and six. Real animals such as tigers or elephants are hidden behind imaginative names such as “hose-nosed trampler” and “multi-eye flyer”. An entertaining guessing fun for the little ones, but also for mom and dad.


The podcast trend has now reached its peak and new posts and programs are uploaded to the Internet every day. With this steadily growing selection, there is now something for every taste. The range of podcasts for children and young people is growing all the time. Knowledge programs, news for children or bedtime stories. In this article we have presented you with a selection of the podcasts that convinced us the most, but of course there are many more that your child might like. In any case, podcasts are not only educational but also a great way to pass the time. Especially when your child is "sooo boring" again!