Is belly hair normal in women

Removing hair on the stomach - what women should pay attention to

If you want to remove annoying hair on the stomach, you should not shave it or remove it with a chemical depilatory cream. In order to avoid ingrown hairs, you should resort to gentle procedures for depilation. We show what you should pay attention to as a woman.

Do not shave the hair on your stomach

Do not use a razor, as women often have soft fatty tissue under the skin on their stomach. When you shave, you push the skin in - this effect causes the hair to protrude further out of the skin than without pressure. At first glance, this appears to be an advantage because you cut the hair just below the surface of the skin and the shave is thorough.

When it grows back, the sharp cut edges penetrate the skin from below and lead to red pustules. The hair grows into the skin instead of outward. Another disadvantage: the result is not long-lasting when you shave.

Are depilatory creams better suited?

Depilatory creams dissolve the hair above the skin with active ingredients such as thioglycolic acid or thiolactic acid. The hair becomes thinner at the remaining tip, ingrown hairs rarely appear. But the ingredients are not harmless to health and can be absorbed through the skin. If your skin is sensitive to the ingredients in the cream, you should expect redness and a rash.

It only makes sense to use it if you remove a lot of hair in the process. With thin hair, you use a lot of chemistry for little effect. Since women naturally have little hair on their stomach, this method is not recommended.

Always pluck hair by the root

The best method for women to remove hair from the stomach is to pull the hair root out of the skin in the direction of growth. If you want to get rid of some longer hair, pluck it out with tweezers.

You can pluck thicker hair in the abdominal area with sugar paste. These pastes are applied and rubbed against the direction of growth. The sugar wax is pulled off in the direction of growth. These two methods are gentle, hardly stress the skin and ingrown hairs rarely arise.