How healthy is the paralegal market

When to hire a paralegal for your business

  • Paralegals can help you manage your office, day-to-day management, time management, and legal assistance.
  • Hiring a paralegal can help you avoid overworking your team by letting the assistant do the legwork and help with the research.
  • Paralegals can help you deal with difficult and frustrated customers. Paralegals are trained and adept in the legal system to give your clients a fresh perspective on their situation.

Regardless of the size of your legal practice or the type of law you practice, improving efficiency while minimizing costs is a priority. This is the only way you can achieve a competitive advantage. However, it is counterproductive to focus so much on cutting costs that you do not hire paralegals when it could be beneficial in improving the efficiency of your practice.

Paralegals can help improve time management problems

You only make money doing things that you can be billed for. However, running a law firm means there is some administrative work to be done. Unfortunately, the administrative work does not increase your company's turnover. Here is a legal assistant can help.

If you're constantly doing chores that keep you from focusing on the work you can get paid to do, you can hire an assistant. A common misconception that lawyers often have, especially those who run a small law firm, is that it is easier and faster for them to do the administrative tasks themselves.

However, it's important to remember that every hour or fraction of an hour spent on administrative tasks like updating files, sending emails, or corresponding with customers, affects the bottom line of your business.

Avoid overloading your team

Delegating is an important part of running a successful law firm. You have a team of lawyers that you pay for so you have to put them in place. However, overloading your team can be detrimental.

Seasoned attorneys can be frustrated if you ask them to routinely perform tasks that could be performed by an assistant with legal experience and training. They affect your attorney's productivity and affect your law firm's ability to generate income.

Lawyers who can't Focus on billable tasks earn less money for the company. They can't help you build the business by attracting new businesses or better serving current customers.

Your lawyers want to act as lawyers. You didn't go to law school for part-time legal assistance.

Lawyers want to do meaningful work. If you force the lawyers on your team to take on tasks that they don't do or that they don't get the most out of, you can lose valuable employees.

Frustrated customers

Your customers pay you to help them with complicated and sensitive legal issues. They expect you to provide them with great service in exchange for their money.

If your attorneys focus on administrative tasks, they will not be able to provide your clients with the service they deserve. Unfortunate clients know they can choose from a wide variety of law firms. If they aren't getting what they need from you, they can quickly walk down the street and find the nearest lawyer.

Hiring an assistant with legal experience is preferable to providing sub-par service to your clients. When your attorneys are overworked, it won't be long before your clients notice. Your bottom line will suffer.

Determine when help is needed

Still on the fence about whether or not to hire assistants? Look at your successful competitors. Are other successful law firms your size and workload assistants?

One of the best ways for your law firm to improve the cost and quality of the services it offers to clients is to build a team of qualified assistants with legal training to work with your attorneys. If you're concerned about hiring assistants who don't suit your business, hire them temporarily. This will help you determine if the wizards are right for your business. It also helps you see if or not they actually improve the quality of the work done by your company.


Understandably, you want your assistants to meet your company's specific needs and work well with your company culture. Good assistants should be competent and help your company maintain its competitive advantage.

Your law firm will thrive if the lawyers you work for feel like they are using their time to achieve something of value. You will see an increase in sales when you can focus your attention on billable tasks as opposed to administrative tasks.