How can I improve my alertness

Increase awareness

We humans can targeted our attention directing them to desired events and things. It helps us, for example, to work carefully on something important, to listen to someone and to protect ourselves from impending dangers. It is therefore one of the most important properties of human cognition. But can the attention be increased?

Increase attention - the selection of relevant stimuli

The Increase awareness, that would mean improving the ability to process several stimuli at the same time. Every day we are forced to make a selection. Because the ability to call up several things at the same time is limited. So we always subconsciously ask ourselves the following questions: Which stimuli are more relevant than others? What can I hide? If you increase your attention, you will learn not only to take in several things, but also relevant stimuli to focus better. And the good news is, you can get more alert.

How to increase awareness?

A very modern way to get attention is that Concentration training. Studies from the neuropsychological field appear at regular intervals, which indicate that attention can be improved through regular brain training. At NeuroNation we offer a scientifically based platform for cognitive training and especially for attention training. With over 50 exercises and 3 intensive courses, we have a varied and diverse range with which you can train your entire brain. Our exercises can sustainably increase your awareness.

The effectiveness of attention exercises

To ensure the effectiveness of our concentration training, we develop all of our brain exercises in close collaboration with neuroscience psychologists. In addition, many of our cognitive exercises are based on successful studies. Not only can they increase your alertness, but they can also improve skills like yours concentration, Your logical thinking skills, Your memory and you Language comprehension.