What are Mike Tyson's fastest knockout games

Boxing: World record for the shortest title fight in boxing history

This evening the boxers and the audience had certainly imagined differently. After just one blow, the fight was over.

What can you not do in sport in 11 seconds: athletes sprint 100 meters, Formula 1 teams manage 5 tire changes (and still have time) - and in the boxing ring this time is enough for a full fight.

Beat 23 year old world record

Up until now, September 3, 1994 was an important date for boxing experts. At that time, the reigning WBO world champion Daniel Jimenez knocked out the Austrian boxing professional Harald Geier in just 17 seconds. Nobody would have expected that this record could be broken again.

The same thing happened in the WBO title fight between Zolani Tete and Siboniso Gonya, which took place in Belfast. Only a few seconds after the gong, when the referee was no longer between the opponents, the 29-year-old bantamweight Tete put his first right hook on Gonya.

And it was tough:

After the fight, according to NY Post, Tete was happy about the lightning knockout: "I prepared very hard for this fight. I knew Gonya wouldn't last long - and I won the first round! My thanks go to my trainers who prepared me for it. "

11 seconds are enough for the fastest boxing knockout.

The decisive factor: the time! The fight lasted just 11 seconds (here again from a different perspective).

Tete manager Frank Warren expressed himself euphorically: “He was knocked out before he even touched the ground. Tete is very special. "And added:" We will make sure that he has enough work. "

So the signs are good that we will continue to hear from the world record holder.