How do I tame chubby hair

Thick hair: these are the most beautiful cuts by the stars

Full hair is probably every woman's dream, but the The stubbornness of a thick mane can drive some of us crazy. However, there are for every hair typecertain haircuts that are particularly suitable and ensure that you can style your hairstyle easier and faster. That's why we've put together the best inspirations from the stars in the Bldergalerie for you and now explain what to look out for with thick hair

Thick hair: these are the best haircuts

When it comes to the subject of haircuts, there is one important rule you should adhere to:Step cut! Otherwise the hair will quickly jump into a triangular shape - so it will become wider at the tips and appear bulky. The strands and the steps should also always be thinned out in lengthso that they fall loosely and their abundance is taken from them. But that's where it is no matter whether you are looking for a long mane or a trendy short haircut á la model Cara Delevingne decides. The trendy choppy cut is particularly suitable, but also the classic pixie or a long bob tame unruly hair, which makes the subsequent styling much easier.Women with thick hair might as well wear bangs, because it stays in better shape due to the heaviness and makes the cut look even finer. However, if you are unsure, you can ask your hairdresser for advice.

The latest hairstyle trend for thick hair is coming - who would have thought - directly from Kardashian / Jenner and is called Glass Hair. That means hair that looks like this perfectly smoothed and cut straight are that they look like as if they were made of glass! Clever, because no other style has a full mane under control like this one. Especially to the long bobthis look looks glamorous and suitable for everyday use at the same time.

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The best hairstyles for thick hair

Women with full mane sometimes have a hard time with styling and hairstyles, because this takes time in contrast to thin hairverymuch longer and, for example, curls that have been painstakingly formed with a straightening iron or curling iron, usually only last a short time, as the heaviness of the hair makes it hang out quickly. But of course we have a little trick ready for that. If you use a hair foam (we currently love the "Eimi" Mousse from Wella, approx. 11 euros on Amazon) before you style the mane with a heat tool, the probability increases that the waves will last longer and look voluminous. Alternatively, you can of course also use braided hairstyles, a braid or an updo look, which you will always succeed with thick hair

But women with shorter hair have it even easier than that with some cream or gel like the "Twirl Around Styling Cream" by Paul Mitchell, which you can buy for about 32 euros,The dream hairstyle fits in no time. By the way, this product also helps against small baby hair and frizz. It is best to wear your head in the middle, because this way the volume is evenly distributed and the forehead looks more organized. To tame repulsive strands, you can also briefly straighten the upper parts of the top hair. You are also absolutely on trend with the trendy wet look. Simply comb your hair back with a wax, while a hair gel provides additional shine.

Last but not least: the Bun - and by that we don't mean the strict ballerina bun, but a sexy version with highlights falling out. The great thing is that the hairstyle works through your full head of hair Totally voluminous even without a hair donut. Just your mane for that Tie it in a ponytail and carefully pin it up into a bun with the help of clasps - Be sure to pay attention beforehand leaving the two front strands outside, because they make the hairstyle more feminine and also flatter the shape of your face.

Here you will find the tools you need to perfectly tame your lion's mane:

Thick hair: it all depends on the right care

With thick hair, frizz can occur more often because the cuticle is naturally rougher, so you should avoid air drying as much as possible and instead blow dry towards the tips to counteract the effect. In addition, you can use care products. A hair oil such as Garnier's "Weightless Oil" (approx. 7 euros) can help to smooth the hair structure and make the head more supple. It is best to use a shampoo that provides the scalp with plenty of moisture. Our favorite is the Herbal Essences shampoo with coconut milk, which you can buy on Amazon for about 3 euros. In addition, you should avoid daily washing because of the structure of the hair. Two to three times a week are sufficient and at least once a week you should also use a hair treatment that you leave for two minutes. The "UniqOne Supermask" from Revlon (approx. 11 euros) is particularly suitable for this. We have selected other care products for thick hair for you to shop after:

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