How do I test my CPU fan

Which CPU fan do I have?

Which CPU fan you have or need is not easy to find out. In this case, the base on which the heat sink and then the fan are attached is more important than the fan itself. So first you need to know which CPU socket your mainboard uses. In this practical tip we will explain the easiest way to find out.

Which socket does my CPU use?

If you are not a PC expert and would prefer not to open your computer, the best way to find the correct socket type is with a diagnostic program - for example with CPU-Z.
  1. Download CPU-Z and open the program. You will then automatically be shown all the relevant CPU information.
  2. You can read the socket type directly behind "Package" (in the example image "AM2").

Socket equals CPU fan?

Now that you know your socket, you can, for example, buy a new heat sink and fan.
  • However, you cannot derive the currently installed fan directly from the socket type: In finished PCs, the standard heat sinks from the processor manufacturer with a 60mm fan are usually used.
  • You can also recognize this by the noise: If you hear a high-frequency whirring from your PC when there is a lot of computing effort, it is probably a small standard CPU fan.
  • Of course, this method is not exact. If you want to know which fan is currently installed, you have to open your PC.
  • If you have the necessary expertise, open your computer and look at the fan on the CPU heatsink. If you are lucky, the brand or model name can be read directly from it. If not, you can at least measure the diameter of the fan with a tape measure.
  • But it is better not to open your case if you are not technically savvy or if you do not want to lose your warranty, for example.