Science can't cure Stephen Hawking yet

Short answers to big questions

“If you want to know where we come from, where we are going and what the meaning of our life is, this last book by the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking will get your money's worth. [...] With such sentences one can mentally recover from all the religiously motivated insanity that continues to have an effect up to our present day. «Denis Scheck, Tagesspiegel, January 27th, 2020» What makes the book the legacy of a great humanist, however, is its intellectual alertness which includes all areas of the natural sciences and is filled with an increasing concern for the human species. [...] Anyone who has never read a book by Hawking - this one should not be missed «Niels Boeing, Zeit Wissen, January / February 2019» It is not only inspiring and exciting to read this book. It is also a plea for human curiosity, for the fascination with the interrelationships in the universe - and it is also really fun to once again attend one of the brightest minds of our time thinking about big questions «Sascha Vennemann, Geek! Magazine, December 2018 »Stephen Hawking had the remarkable ability to convey complex relationships in such a way that laypeople could understand them« Ralf Krauter, Deutschlandfunk, December 9th, 2018 »Despite all the skepticism about the future of mankind and its potential for destruction, Hawking's optimism was limitless. That alone is perhaps enough as the message of this estate volume “Jörg Magenau, RBB Kulturradio, October 18, 2018” It's about limitless curiosity and about traveling all over the universe with one's thinking ”Gabriele Kuhn, Kurier, October 18, 2018“ Hawkings The last book reads like a legacy: He advocates sparking a new enthusiasm for science. He does not mean that more people are studying physics or chemistry, but that there is as broad an understanding as possible of scientific topics. Otherwise, only the elites can keep up with the new developments. "Tino Dallmann, MDR Kultur, October 18, 2018" Future visions of a genius "Stefanie May, Bild Zeitung, October 16, 2018" A stimulating book that is easy to understand for laypeople "Joachim Laukenmann, Tages-Anzeiger, October 16, 2018" Hawking's last book is a summary of how Hawking saw the world. He writes it down intelligently, but also funny, sharp-tongued and sometimes macabre, just like you knew him [...] perhaps you should memorize a few sentences from the last work of the most famous genius of our time. «Sonja Fröhlich, editorial network Germany (RND), October 16, 2018 ... more