What is an organic semiconductor

Organic semiconductors

There is global interest in the use of organic semiconductors in electronic and optoelectronic components, such as organic light-emitting diodes and organic transistors for new fields of application.

So far, organic multicolor screens have been commercialized in digital cameras, cell phones, car radios, PDAs and mp3 players. Organic components in the near future will be simple circuits that form the heart of communication electronics, such as chips for radio frequency identification tags (RFID) and, in the more distant future, flexible electronic newspapers in which the information is constantly transmitted via a local network LAN) is updated.

In view of the unstoppable technological development, the working group deals with the characterization of the properties of organic materials in organic electronic and optoelectronic components.

The main interest lies in the area of ​​the injection and transport of charge carriers in organic field effect transistors and light emitting diodes. In particular, the importance of the electronic properties of an insulator / semiconductor interface for the performance of organic field effect transistors is the subject of current research. These investigations are of great scientific and technological importance as they open up the field of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology for organic semiconductors. Another subject of research is the functional stability of organic components.

With the intention of improving their stability and performance, the influence of component operation on its service life is examined in connection with material and component-specific properties