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Partnership: These 7 habits are real love killers

Everyday life often has the habit in tow: But the daily grind is a real risk for love - especially if you no longer properly perceive the other. Seven habits that kill emotions in the long run.

1. No interest in the partner

They sit in silence at the dining table. They have nothing to say to each other. His thoughts are still at work, she doesn't really care about his stress. Anyone who does not want to tell the other person any more or who cannot get involved in the exchange should pay attention.

Disinterest not only hurts the other, but also shrinks feelings. The we then quickly become two worlds because one no longer takes part in the life of the other. Only those who listen know what moves the other. And only those who are ready to talk themselves give the partner the chance to help and support.

2. Don't address problems

A lack of communication is also a love killer when it comes to controversial issues. Many men often find it difficult to address problems and swallow their anger. Women, on the other hand, usually have a greater need for clarification. With difficult topics this can become a real challenge and put a strain on love in the long run.

In communication, this often results in imbalances that are not always easy for couples to resolve. In practice, it is often the case that the man in the dispute has long been in withdrawal mode while the woman is desperate to clarify something.

3. Don't take wishes seriously

It is important to adjust to the other person and listen to them - especially when it comes to issues with potential for controversy. Here it is important to remain calm and to look for a compromise together. Taking the wishes of the other person seriously and including them in the solution ideas is of great importance and has a lot to do with appreciation. It is a learning process for both of you to adjust to the other and his needs and at the same time not to lose sight of your own wishes.

4. Lack of tenderness

Couple problems: The feeling that the other is no longer trying can become so stressful that one partner turns away sexually. (Source: nd3000 / Getty Images)

A lack of tenderness is also critical for love. Because it is they who show the other: I like you and I feel drawn to you. If this signal is not received for a longer period of time, the other person will no longer feel valued or accepted.

Here it is not only important to address the need for more tenderness, but also to ensure that the important love signals in everyday life are not forgotten. A firm hug, a tender kiss on the neck, a gentle touch or a compliment are real wellness moments for love.

5. Boredom in bed

Love not only needs tenderness, but also passion. Maintaining this over time is not easy. Habit and routine creep in often. A certain routine in bed doesn't have to be bad, however. Many couples enjoy certain rituals and the security, trust, and wellbeing that rituals bring with them. The routine only becomes risky when it is perceived as boring and diminishes the desire for one another.

At the latest when one of the two or even both are dissatisfied, you should sit down and consider together to what extent a deviation from the well-trodden path could bring new impulses for the partnership. The desire to rediscover together and a certain curiosity about other types of play can be important and stabilizing influencing factors. In addition, if both are satisfied with their love life, the risk of an affair also decreases.

6. The rotten look finds its way

Not only boredom in bed is risky for the emotions. The rotten look is also not good for love in the long run. Over the years, so much relaxation and well-being creeps into many couples that love is more under the motto of cosiness than under the star of passion. In and of itself, that's not a bad thing, and it's nice to know that the other person loves you even if you don't look like a peck out of the egg. Nevertheless: Dressing up every now and then is a real boost of energy for love. Because it shows: I still want to please you even after all these years, I try hard for you and appreciate you.

In some ways, it's normal to prepare better for your first date than for a date after ten years of marriage. Nevertheless: the man's beer belly and the partner's lack of motivation to exercise are often a first problem. The feeling that the other is no longer trying can even become so stressful that one partner turns away sexually or reacts with withdrawal of love. Love also means putting in a certain amount of effort and leaving the comfort zone every now and then.

7. Too much closeness

Another love killer is too much closeness. Maintaining shared hobbies and a shared circle of friends: that keeps love fresh and stable - no question about it. But: Love also needs a healthy amount of distance, because everyone needs space for themselves and their needs.

You shouldn't give up this freedom. And if you go out alone more often, you will be all the more looking forward to the other. The mix is ‚Äč‚Äčimportant for love. Couples should make sure that the relationship is designed so that everyone has enough time to look after themselves. But also time to be there for one another together.