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The well water test including microbiology

If, in addition to the chemical-physical water quality, you also want to have the hygienic condition of your well water tested, our comprehensive well water analysis is ideal. In addition to the chemical-physical factors of the well water quality, faecal and intestinal germs are also examined, the frequent occurrence of which indicates a lack of hygiene. These bacteria are therefore called hygiene indicators.

Combined well water test for germs and chemicals

The well water test for the various analysis parameters in your water sample is carried out in our laboratory using a combination of special wet-chemical, instrumental and microbiological test methods. The sum of the test results enables a very precise assessment of your well water quality. Any necessary countermeasures can be initiated promptly and in a targeted manner.

Do you have any questions about the process, sampling or shipping? In our FAQ you will find the most frequently asked questions already answered.

Instructions for use for the test set

After receiving your order, we will send you your sampling set for the hygiene / well water test within one to two working days. In accordance with the enclosed instructions, fill off the water sample, close the sample container again and simply throw it back into the mailbox in the folding carton that has already been prepaid by us. After the laboratory analysis has been carried out (see examination deadline specified above), the result of the hygiene / well water examination will be sent to you by email.



Sampling according to the Drinking Water Ordinance:

This well water test is suitable as a self-check for your orientation. However, if you z. B. as property management, housing association or landlord need officially and judicially recognized results in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance, the sampling must be carried out by certified personnel. In this case please click here.

 Please note that the specification of the sample type on the sample label (drinking water, well water, spring water, filter water) mandatory is. This is very important for our laboratory, as the matrix is ​​decisive for the selection of the method. Measurement results can be influenced by unsuitable methods. Our devices can also be damaged by contaminated water. Please contact us in advance if you would like to send in other sample water (see above). If the labeling is insufficient, we reserve the right to refuse the analysis of your sample.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that as a drinking water laboratory - no Examine wastewater!