Domain hacks are becoming commonplace


They are the backbone of a functioning IT infrastructure: the SysAdmins. Regardless of whether it is day or night, on the weekend or public holiday, during a heat wave or snow chaos: You reliably take care of small and large problems so that the technology runs smoothly in everyday life. Often they work behind the scenes and unnoticed by those who, thanks to their performance, can work without problems.

That is why the sysadmins deserve a day to express their thanks once a year: the sysadmin day. Since the turn of the millennium, it has always been celebrated on the last Friday in July.

Instead of the sugary and caffeinated foods and drinks that are usually given away on SysAdmin Day, the InterNetX blog would like to return the favor to colleagues who often make our lives easier with their specialist knowledge - and presents five life hacks that deal with everyday life through or with technical devices.

If you use earphones, you tend to swap the right and left on the first try. With a small knot in the cable, both sides can be blindly distinguished.

A key board can be built from old devices and network plugs. The keys can be distinguished from one another with the different colors of the network cables.


One careless and the cable is kinked at the sensitive end. A pen spring wrapped around the cable is a practical protection against kinking.

Keyboards are a reservoir for dirt. Especially in between, they are difficult to clean. If you don't have any special cleaning material at hand, you can quickly remedy the situation with a Post-it.

The right system is still missing for the SysAdmin Day Party? No problem: a hole big enough to hold a smartphone is cut in an empty roll of toilet paper. Four pin board pins serve as feet - the room amplifier is ready.

The entire InterNetX team thanks its SysAdmins and wishes you a nice SysAdmin Day!