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"Homer" Iliad "and" Odyssey "- Odyssey. Conversations about the adventures of the mythical hero named Odyssey. Siege of Ilion. Poems Homer. The meaning of the name" Homer ". The birthplace of Homer is unknown. The action is the tenth year assigned to the siege of Troy. Singer Demodok in the "Odyssey" blind from birth. "Odyssey" is with fabulous elements that are even more here. Homer. Iliad.

"Pooms" Iliad "and" Odyssey "" - Greek ancient theater. Homer "Iliad" and "Odyssey". Penelope work. Ancient Greece. Singers performed well-known texts in a solemn atmosphere. "Iliad" and "Odyssey". HEKZAMETER is a special type of verse that are spelled "IliAd" and "Odyssey". The Trojan War. Lexical work. Homer's epic poems "Iliad" and "Odyssey". Homer Eldead is committed to his spiritual development. "Iliad". Military events and plastics of the Ahasey heroes.

"Homer" - Rhodes. Illustration. Odyssey. Medieval illustration for "iliad". Smyrna. Nothing is reliably known about Homer's life and personality. The historical basis of Homer poems. Homer's birthplace. "Sons of Homer." Homer - legendary ancient Greek poet taucer.

"The poems of Homer" Iliad "and" Odyssey "- - multilevel tasks. Compare." Odyssey ". Read the passages from the poems. Created by Homer of the poem" Iliad "and" Odyssey ". Compare with the standard. "Iliad". Test for the examined country. Fill in the passages in sentences. What processes Odyssey tells in the poem of the same name. The poems of Homer "Iliad" and "Odyssey". Achilles. We all climbed on that Ship and went to the open sea.Collect the winged expressions with their explanations.

"Iliad" - Bergarray. Olympus. Troy. River Stix. Caster. Kefis. Ocean in Iliad. Pylos Tartarus. Xanp. Olizon fields. Iliad. Ida.

"The poem" Odyssey "" - the ship Odyssey sails between Szillla and Charibda. Lotus Island. Odyssey swims to the shore of Sgra Island. Return Odyssey. Epic hero. Receives the necessary information. The ship piqued the Isle of the Wizard of Kirk. Ships. Homer and his "Odyssey". Odyssey sails past Sirene Island. Odyssey landed on the island with satellites. Arrival on the island of Eolia. Satellite Odyssey. Penelope.

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1. Homer and his "Odyssey" "Odyssey I" - the second classical poem attributed to the ancient Greek poet Homer. Created, probably in the 8th century BC. Chr. Tells of the adventures of the mythical hero named Odyssey on his return to their homeland after the end of the Trojan War.

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Odyssey Travel Odyssey from the walls conquered by his Troy Council to Ithaca Island lasts 10 years. According to frequently mentioned in the poem, the provisions of Mercury, Venus, the Moon in relation to the constellation scientists of the US National Academy of Sciences, resulting in Odyssey on April 16, 1178 BC. BC returned. Although the poem is heroic, in the image of the main character, the heroic qualities - not the main thing. They retreat to the back plan compared to qualities like mind, cunning, ingenuity, and calculation. The main characteristic of Odyssey is an irresistible desire to return home to the family.

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Odyssey breathes from both Homer poems, Odyssey - a truly epic hero and at the same time what is called a "fully evolved personality": a brave warrior and an intelligent warlord, a skilled intelligence officer, the first in a fied fight and an athlete, soldered Worship, hunters, traders, proprietors, teachers. For ten years of returning home, he appears from a navigator, a robber, a shaman who hides the souls of the dead (scenes in Aida), a shipwreck victim, a poor old man, etc., etc.

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Odyssey First Odyssey and its satellites fall on the island of Lotophogs (lotus flowers that robbed the memory of the motherland). Odyssey manages to escape and lead his comrades.

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Odyssey Odyssey landed with satellites on the island of Kiklopov and enters the cave, which created a huge housing. He discovers the aliens, takes them down, hits the cave and devours three pairs of Odyssey satellites. The cunning odyssey waits for the Polyphs to fall, and in a dream the only eye of the Cyclopa pumps. The prisoners can leave the den of an angry but blind polyfem and hide in the flock of sheep. Polyfem called his father Poseidon to get revenge on Odyssey.

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Odysseey Arrival on the island of Easy, where the god of the winds gave Eola the Odyssey of the pocket with the winds tied in it. Odysseey's nosy satellites were already suffering from him, and the ships were thrown back on the island of Eolia.

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Odyssey Next Odyssey and its ships swam to "high city." Lamos. One of the satellites sent to the satellites sent to the Odyssimia for exploration (Cannon-Giakanov). Then the anti-fate named other lenders who started destroy the ships and throw huge stones at them. People who stormed them to the missions and took them to the city. Saving is directed to a ship.

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Odyssey The last ship found the island of Kirk's sorceress. When part of its satellites were sent to the study of the island, Kirk caught it in pigs, Odyssey went alone to the wizard's house, and with the help of Hermes, the wonderful plant gained the wonderful plant charm of the goddess who recognized Odysseey in the brave guest offered him to stay on the island on her. Odyssey is bent at the suggestion of the goddess, but before he swears she did not do anything wrong, and the human image of its satellites facing pigs. After a year on the island in NEGES and contentment, Odyssey, in the claim of comrades, the pickup began to bring her home.

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The Church's Council Odyssey went to AIS to learn about its future from the Teresian fleets. It receives the necessary information. In addition to Teresien, he speaks with help with his mother and some of his friends: Achille, Agamemnon, Ajax, Patropuole.


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Odyssey on one of the islands of Odyssey satellites killed the holy bulls of God Helios, and angry Zeus enveloped the ruin ship in a storm. Only saved Odyssey.

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Odyssey Odyssey rose to the island of the goddess Calypso, and she loved him, kept on his island and stayed away from the rest of the world for seven years. Calypso promised Odyssey to give immortality and make you happy, but could not make him forget his home. Obviously passed through Hermes by the order of Zeus, Calypso presented the tools necessary for the construction of the fleet and also delivered them on the street with bread, wine and water.

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Odyssey scatter on wondrous storms raised hostile by Poseidon hostile to Poseidon, Odyssey swims to the shore of the island of Sgharia, where the happy people live - feaaki, navigators with falsely tall ships. Odyssey greets the King of Fakev Alkina. Odyssey tells of his adventures and the Faaki deliver him to their homeland. An angry Poseidon turns the FAO ships in the rock. And Athena turns temporarily Odyssey to the old man (so that he was not recognized).

Poem Homer "Odyssey"


General secondary school"

History teacher Polunin Alexander


Tires from the horrors of the earth and the horror sea

Wandering, disturbing, looking for his Italian

God-fearing Sorrow Odyssey;

Stop Gustry went to Aida Mradi;

Haribda violently, underwater SZill

They did not shake the souls up.

It seemed to cruelly strike Rock's patience

And drank the bowl of mourning by the drop;

It seemed tired of punishing him

And quiet sleepy home

To the beautiful birthplace of long welcome rocks,

He woke up: what? The decision did not recognize.

L. Tolstoy.

Who is the most attentive?

Exercise 1.

Remember which ancient Greek gods were met in the poem "Odyssey" !, and determine who has one or another attribute.

Exercise 2.

  • Read the passage from the poem and determine the location of the action:

A) Steel from the sides - the deity in them, of course, has invested calling; The thief clapped her and its edge was crushed in the eye by sleeping; And with the end I started shooting; Will the cannibal shut down - I groaned from the warm cave. Steel from Boko - a deity in them, of course

  • Capture the mighty onions, Odyssey, in the studies, the internship drew the theater and the arrow flew through the rings. Then he hid on the threshold, he poured the arrows down from Quiver ... He destroyed all the bridegrooms of the all-rounders in their house, he was in general for all lawlessness of them and for all insults.
  • He found his entrance to Odysseus and selected Penelope. And the world ruled in Ithaca.

The presentation was used to study the work in the 6th grade of the Buneev program "(educational system" School 2100 "). The work contains information about the author, the version of the origin of the work, the characteristics of the work.



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Greetings, travelers, strong and brave! Today the sea is wide, ancient Greece becomes noodle. Oh the gods of Olimp! Send us the wind over. To see that we want great Troy, the heroes of the Brave, we want to know great about Odyssey. And the spark of divine thought does not operate in us. Oh the gods of Olimp! Send us thirst for discovery.

The life of Homer's life of Homer is controversial. Ancient versions cover a period of several centuries. Ancient biographers believed that Homer was born on the Ionian coast of Asia Minor. For the right to be considered as Homer's birthday, 7 cities argued: Smirna, Chios, Colofonon, Pilo, Argos, Ithaca and Athens. The name Homer is not Greek. There are 2 options for translation for this name - "blind" and "hostage". The second option emphasized the poet's background. Biographies show that Homer Oplex, according to which the muses inspired him to create poetry.

Homer is a blind wandering singer-water. Coins, however, with approximately. Chios portrays Homer with wide open eyes in vain. The Naples Museum is the marble bust of Homer IV century. Bc e. And also without traces of blindness. Other ancient images of a moaning poet are known. Why has the opinion of Blind Homer become so widespread in our time? It turns out that the idea of ​​the "Great SHLEPPTO" was to appear in Alexandria. Plutarch (an ancient Greek writer and historian) says that Alexander did not share with the text "Iliad" in any of the campaigns and was named the poem with its greatest jewel. Conquer Egypt, Alexander decided to establish a large city there and call him his name. Found a suitable place for the city, but Homer himself came to Alexander in a dream and had him read verses from Odyssey: The island that lies against Egypt, which is loud and broad; It's called storage - FAROS ... Pier is loyal there, by which the wake-ups that are surrounded in the sea are surrounded by dark water. Alexander immediately went to Faros and saw the site, surprisingly for building great city- With the river and the port. In winter 332-331 Bc e. Alexandria was founded. Of course, the temple of Homer was set in the downtown area, and the poet himself went mad. Numerous Alexandrian philosophers liked to seem like old pictures of Homer ... not interesting enough. God-Poet shouldn't look like an ordinary mortal in your opinion. The image of the blind founder of world literature turned out to be very attractive. And Homer began to be mapped blindly.

Homer Homer's poems that migrated in Greece participated in poetic competitions. According to the majority of scholars, the poems "Iliad" and "Odyssey" were written by Homer in Ionia (Asia Minor) in the VIII century BC. Chr. E. The plot of "Iliad" and "Odyssey" took from the Trojan cycle of the narrated cycle of the campaign on Troy, the ten year siege of the city, the victory over the Trojans and the return of the Greeks to their homeland. "Iliad" was written in centuries IX-VIII. Bc e. In Ionia and is devoted to the events of the last year of the Trojan War. There are fighting events and plastics of the aheic heroes - Achilles, Agamemnon, Mellaya, Hezorter, Diomeda and others. The main hero of "Iliad" - Achilles - the son of the sea goddess of Fttyda and Pelia, the king of the city The FTTY foundation for the tenth year of the war, Paris was killed. "Odyssey" tells of the last adventures of one of the heroes of the Trojan War, the king of the island of Itaca, Odyssey, who is destroyed from the walls or returns to a local ITE. In contrast to the "IliAd", the "Odyssey" mainly contains household paintings: house measurements, house meetings, family ties, hospitality rites, etc. "Iliada" was created a little later and contains around 12,100 poems. The Russian language "Iliad" was transferred to 1829 N. I. Galot and "Odyssey" - B1849 V. A. Zhukovsky.

Heroes of the Trojan War Menelia Hector Odyssey Achilles Elena

True or fiction? The Trojan War, after the ancient Greeks, was one of the most significant events in its history. They did not doubt the historical reality of the Trojan War, in the ten-year siege of Troy - historical fact, only in the poet. Indeed, there is very little fiction in the poem. If you remove the scenes with the participation of the gods, the story will look reliable. The historical science of the modern age saw only legends and fairy tales in Greek myths. Historians of the XVIII-XIX centuries were convinced that the Greeks on Troy do not count. The only one of the Europeans who believed that the epic was Henry Schliman. In 1871 he continues with excavations of Gissarlyc Hill in the northwestern part of Malaya Asia and identifies it as the site of ancient Troy. It was waiting for luck: the hill hid the ruins of up to 9 urban settlements that replaced each other for 20 centuries. Troy Schliman, who was described in the poem approved in one of the settlements. The remains of Agamemnon and his satellites rest in one of the royal tombs discovered; Agamemnon's face covered gold mask. Heinrich Shliman's opening shook the world community. There was no doubt that Homer's poem contains information about real heroes and events.

Rally of Troy Hill Gissarlyk (Turkey).

The winged expressions are one of the means of figurative and expressive literary language are the winged words. It was in Homer's poems that this name is often found ("he said the winged word"; "among themselves they quietly exchanged the words with the words of the Waters," Homer called "Wanderer" because of the speaker's mouth they seem to fly to the ear of hearing.After a while this phrase began short quotations that were included in our speech, figurative expressions, historical persons, the names of mythological and some literary heroes, in Homer's poems there are also expressions that are covered Let's hear news prepared by the guys and let's define how we invest in these terms now. Trojan horse apple discovery Achilles FIF

Achilles (Achilles) - hero of the epic of Homer, the great warrior who knows no defeat. He was Demigod. His mother is the sea nymph Fetis, who was married to the king of the Mirmidonian Pelia. According to the legend that is based in his epic Homer, Achilles was a seventh child in the family. His brothers died at the hands of a mother who dumped her babies in boiling water to see if they were disproportionate. Achilla saved father. Inherited from the mother of the goddess a powerful force, the son of a simple mortal remained vulnerable to all dangers. To save him from future adversity, Fetis immerses a baby in Stix Jet. Mother held her child behind the heel and she did not touch the waters of the Holy River. Achilles took part in the campaign against Troy. Nobody could defeat the warrior because everyone was aiming at his body, his head.Under his blows, the Queen of Amazons Pentseyla and Ethiopian Prince Memnon, who came to the aid of the Trojans. But the poisoned arrow squeezed by Paris, whose hand furiously directed Apollo, got a hero in the heel - the only unprotected place, and he died. Since then, every disadvantage, flaw, unprotected place has been referred to as "Achilles fifth". Myth did not give out people's thought. Anatomists have retained the memory of the hero, with one of the connective tissues above the heel bone being called "Achilles tendons". Each person has their own "Achilles fifth". Someone recognizes this weakness openly, someone hides, but be as possible, his presence confirms the expression "Not perfect people". Achilles heel

The myth of the apple component tells of the events that caused the Trojan War. Great Zeus wanted his wife, Titan's daughter, to be a wonderful fetid. However, Prometheus predicted that his son would be born with his own father's throne. And that's why he gave it to the Fessensky Tsarevich Pelu. All the gods of Olympus were invited to the wedding. And only one Erid, the goddess of assertion, did not call, remembered her bad character. She came up with vengeance for insult. She took the golden apple and wrote a single word on it: "The most beautiful". And after he threw it on the festive table. With the Olot apple and the inscription it saw three goddesses: Gera, Aphrodite and Athene. Each of them said the apple was meant for her. To judge them, the goddesses asked the thumbs up. However, Zeus decided to sign out. After all, Hera is his wife, Athena daughter and Aphrodite was really beautiful. Then he attracted Hermes to give the apple to Paris, the son of King Troy. The young man did not know that he was tsarevich because he was grown by the shepherds. It was in Paris that Zeus had a duty to name one of the goddesses most beautiful. Everyone tried to attract a young man to his side. Gera promised him strength and power, control over Asia, Athene offered him military victories and wisdom. And only Aphrodite guessed the secret desires of Paris. She said he would help him get the love of beautiful Elena, daughter of Zeus and the ice cream, wife of Atreya Menali, Queen Sparta. It is Aphrodite who gave Paris an apple. Hera and Athene hated him and swore lime. Aphrodite also kept her promise and helped him steal Elena. This is one reason to start the war. Meneli decided to punish the Trojans and return his wife. And as a result, Troy was destroyed. This is a myth and the phrase "apple of discord" was winged thanks to the Roman historian Justin, who lived in the II century. Apple of discord

The Troy Garden was dragged for a long ten years. Despite the fact that the Athens spear was hijacked from Troy, it was impossible to take the city. Then the ingenious odyssey came out one of the ingenious ideas. When it is impossible to get into the city into the city, you will have to open the gate to the Trojans yourself. Odyssey began to spend a lot of time in the company of the best carpenter, and in the end they were born in a plan. By dismantling part of the boats, the AHEITSA built up a huge cavity in the horse. It was decided that the best warriors would be placed in the womb, and the horse with the "surprise" would be presented as a gift for the Trojans. The rest of the troops will make the appearance returning to their homeland. Said and done. The Trojans believed and brought the horse to the fortress. And that night, Odyssey and the rest of the heroes came out and burned the city. Hence, with the light hand of Homer's phrase "Trojan Horse" it was the meaning of "a gift with a trick, something that seems harmless can destroy everyone and the whole" Trojan horse "

Features of Homer's speech All the works of the national EPOs are great for the volume of poetry, which tells about the great events of the permanent time and in which unusual acts of heroism. I wish how to expressly convey the size and importance of the chases and heroes, Homer resorts to exaggerations, post everything that surrounds the heroes, beautiful appearance. Heroes of Homer are endowed with an extraordinary power, these are heroes, their actions are not in force in ordinary people: for example, the onions of Odyssey cannot pull any of the powerful grooms Penelope. Calculated for listener, epic works contain many detailed descriptions delay in effect development; These descriptions can be repeated repeatedly. The ancient Greek poems of Homer, as well as the works of Russian folklore, are saturated with permanent epithelium. So, Odyssey means "cunning", "long suffering"; Women are "beautiful", "blond", "long-fashioned"; Ships - "Black" (remains), "Redobocy"; The sea is "multisight", "fishing", "gray", "bugger", "foggy" ...

"Homer made the gods of people, and the gods turned into men" Homer greatly honored, human, human spirit, human activity. He as if claims: the gods are immortal, but a person has an immortal spirit; The power of thought and skillful hands of a person can withstand the omnipotence of the Olympian gods).

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Lesson plan. 1. Russia finds protection at Alkina. 2. On the island of Cyclops. 3. TREEES with sirens. 4. Mental Scylla and Charibda. 5. Return to itack. 6.Read with grooms.

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Task on the lesson Do you prove that "Odyssey" can be used as a historical source?

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1. Russia finds protection at Alkina. Homer's second poem, Odyssey, is dedicated to the lands of the Odyssey that returned home. Ithaca, from Troy.

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After 10 years the Odyssey rose on the island, where the rules of Alkina. Idassale found a walk, the king's daughter. I had a traveler's daughter. I had a traveler. On the Pi-ru the factory fell on the benefits of Achulesse Odyssey broke out and told Alkino his story. 1. Russia finds protection at Alkina. Odyssey in Alkinoa.

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Once lost, it was stuck on the island of Cyclps. Well done in the cave where there was a polyfem that son of keeping did. The sheep drove to PE-Soshire, you poured the course of the stones and 2 people ate. Idassy pointed polyfem voshn and bleeding it. 2. On the island of Cyclops. Odyssey and Polyphemus.

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The Greeks tied the rams of three, hiding under Ni-Mi, and when the Polyphs felt overwhelming, oku-rushed unnoticed. They sat on the ship and sailed. Edya called and called his name, asked the polyfem Poseidon to punish the Odyssey. 2. On the island of Cyclops. Odyssey and Polyfem.

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Once Odyssey sailed into O.sirene. The half-bird-half-birds released travelers and ate them. The edges of the edges of the rows to shut the ears and tie them to the mast. So he heard wonderful singing and was able to stay alive. 3. TREEES with sirens. Odyssey and Sirens.

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Soon the travelers survived a deadly threat. Their ship sailed between the cave where SZill had lived, and from the Foreferon was Haribda, sucking water three times a day. But Odyssey could spend his ship on the monsters on the monsters. 4. Mental Scylla and Charibda. Silel and the Odyssey ship. Freska. 2.o.