How do you react under pressure

Can you handle stress?

Questions about work ethic and motivation

Can you handle stress? Tell us about a situation in which you came under pressure!

This is meant

Regardless of which position you are applying for: You have to be able to deal with stress. “Working under pressure” basically means that you are ready to accept performance requirements and act accordingly - a basic requirement, yes, a matter of course for every position. Your resilience is explored here: that you will not let yourself be beaten down even in difficult situations and that you will use all your strength to cope with your tasks. In a word: that you are always ready to give your best. The second part of the question gives you the opportunity to win over your interlocutor using a concrete example.

So should you answer

There is only one answer to this question: of course you can work under pressure. If you add that you are at your best in particularly sensitive situations, then you have won - but you have to be able to prove this with an example. Here it is particularly important to show that you approach your work in a fundamentally organized and planned manner, because this is also the basic prerequisite for keeping stressful situations within limits and, when things get hectic, keeping a cool head and being able to cope with the tasks . Here, too, you should show off your willingness to perform, however low the position may be. The specific example is less important than how you dealt with this situation. Demonstrate awareness of the problem: "In this situation, too, I managed to divide my time so effectively that I was able to cope with the larger workload on schedule." Examples from your everyday professional life should underpin this, especially if it usually consisted of hectic and deadline pressure. Finally, if you emphasize that you can compensate for stress well because you have an understanding partner and / or good friends and / or have a relaxing hobby to reduce stress, you will round off the good impression and collect further bonus points.


If you can convincingly demonstrate that you can naturally deal with stress and that you see hectic situations as a challenge, you are demonstrating that you are highly motivated to work.

Questions about work ethic and motivation