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“Pretty cool” - that's what our customers say about the new hosting tariffs

Has it been three months? At Mittwald, it has not seemed that long that we started with our new tariffs. Time to take a look where we stand and what our customers say about our new structure and the possibilities.
  1. That's what our customers love about the tariffs
    1. performance
    2. Lifetime commission
    3. Hosting tools - smart time savers
    4. As individual as your project - configure every single product
  2. This is what Mittwald customers say
  3. There are still questions here
  4. Just try our hosting tariffs

That's what our customers love about the tariffs

"WUUUOOOOW, that goes off!", Like Mittwald customer Christoph Römer, many other customers also celebrate the speed of our new tariffs. We have rarely received as much praise for our performance as in the last few months. We have done a lot for this and have worked hard on the performance for you. We are therefore all the more pleased that we are now receiving so much positive feedback.

Our hosting resellers and partners also feel at home in our new Friendzone - our partner program. Clear! Because a small source of income in addition to everyday business has not hurt anyone. :-) They are all the more pleased that our Commissions can now be paid out in "lifetime" - that is, as long as the referred customer stays with us.

If you previously had to book an agency toolbox for features such as the template manager or easy staging, these are the ones helpful toolsnow all included in the new tariffs. This is of course also very popular with our customers.

As individual as your project - configure every single product

Our customers especially enjoy the new one Flexibility of tariffs. How much work is required can be determined individually for each project. Do you need more storage space? Then it can easily be added.

This is what Mittwald customers say

We use WordPress for many of our customers. So far there has always been a noticeable delay when playing these websites, both in the front and in the back end (vServer M). This could not be significantly improved even with a cache plugin and Performance Plus.
In the new agency server, however, projects are now played with barely noticeable latency. This can be clearly felt both when displaying in the front end and when working in the back end. We didn't think the difference was so obvious! Therefore we will now use the agency server for all projects where speed is an issue.

Dennis Itzwerth | Managing director of the Graugans | agency

I am a communication designer and have also been a passionate web developer for 20 years. I prefer to work with CMS and shop systems. In 2011 I started at Mittwald with a Business L 6.0 and finally ended up with a managed vServer L 10.0 SSD.
There are now a lot of TYPO3 websites on this. Including my biggest customer with his projects. I wanted to give it a little more performance.
Since I am an EarlyBird type and always keen on new things, after a nice consultation with these websites I moved to the new agency server with CMS Professional, Grow and Starter. WUUUOOOOW, that's off! Pretty cool. I didn't think so.
At first I had the feeling that I was loading the data locally from the disk - really! Working in the TYPO3 backend has also accelerated noticeably, which of course increases productivity enormously. Now of course I have to 'belab' all the other customers.
The main reason to host at Mittwald for me is still the support. Because this is not a sales consultancy, but actually an authority that I turn to if I have a technical or programming problem. Is there anywhere else? No I do not think so.

Christoph Römer | Managing Director of the agency römer - office for visual communication |

Is it really easy to find the right tariff with the parameters CMS or shop, visitor numbers and storage space?

With the new tariffs, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers to choose the right hosting package. As a rule, the parameters we ask for are completely sufficient to suggest the best tariff. But do you have a very unusual project or are you just unsure? Please contact our customer service: 05772 293-100. He will advise you and, if necessary, also look for one individual solution for your project.

What about the affiliate program?

The partner program has also been revised and can now be found on the website under the menu item “Agencies” and there under “Hosting partners”. What's new is the lifetime commission mentioned above. We also recommend you, of course, through our Recommendation database further. Just fill yours Agency profile in the customer center, so that we have you on our radar when it comes to implementation inquiries and can refer you to exactly those customers who suit you.

Just try our hosting tariffs

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement about our new tariffs? You can easily reach us by phone at 05772 / 293-150, chat or e-mail - or you can simply write us a comment here. :-) We appreciate your feedback!

Milina is team leader in the customer service team. Through direct contact, she is always on current topics for our interested parties and customers and carries the feedback into the company. At Mittwald, she also deals with tariff structuring and further development. In her private life she is sporty and likes to travel.