How cheap is it to live on a boat

Cost of a circumnavigation. Thoughts of a long-haul sailor ...

Some countries collect substantial entry fees. For example, when we entered Panama in 2015, we had to pay an impressive $ 400 in fees for us and the boat. In Ecuador it was even $ 500!

And even when it comes to clothing, the district plays a role. We have been traveling across the world's oceans in flip-flops, swimming trunks and light clothing for a number of years. We haven't had to invest any money in warm clothing and shoes for a long time and the heavy-weather clothing is usually well stowed on board deep in a box.

Last but not least, the living costs of the districts are of course extremely different.


There are certainly many more questions that influence the cost of a blue water trip. It is also certain that there is no magic bullet. Regardless of which cost statements are found on the Internet or in books, they only ever reflect the behavior of a single crew with the associated consumption habits and manual skills in a certain area. It was my goal to deliberately not mention the one specific number here. Rather, I would like to sensitize you to the questions you can ask yourself when you start planning your trip financially.

For your own planning, I can only give the tip to take a look around the many sailing blogs and books and find a boat with a crew that suits you as well as possible. I would just ask this crew directly how they stay afloat.

Some blue water sailors keep this information like treasure, but most of them are happy to help. We also asked other boats before our trip and we still do it before we leave for a new area. That usually fits very well and it doesn't cost anything to ask! "