Can I sell my own fan art?

Sell ​​fanart? Copyright?

You are addressing a question that has kept me busy for a long time.

First of all in general: If you have a picture, for example. by Totoro or Hello Kitty just like the original, it is already clear that it is stolen, it cannot be sold. In general, however, if you draw Totoro / Hello Kitty out of your head in a different pose, this is also stolen, since the character design is not yours and you want to make it recognizable as Hello Kitty / Totoro.

Then now comes the difficult: a) you have a very unusual style or something and draw hello kitty, for example. as a real cat or totoro as a dadaist painting .. so you have taken someone else's character design, thought about it and changed it .. If that is the case, your fanart may no longer count as fanart, change as independent work of art. But it can just as well be that the artistic difference is not found to be great enough and that it is still considered stolen and therefore criminal.

My tip: Never sell fanart, then you are on the safe side (you can give it away or give it away, but not sell it as an executed order) Look at it this way, some illustrator has lovingly designed his Hello Kitty at some point and is lucky and the principle of cuteness made a lot of money with it. Imagine you are now creating a cute being or a character and some other, possibly more famous artist paints him and says that is his own ... and he would make money with it! Surely you would find that unfair! You can say that the maker of hello Kitty may already have enough money and that doesn't care, but isn't it mean to take away the right to his well-earned money?

There are many artists who are not afraid to sell fanart because they may not know better, want to earn a lot of money and realize that they are not creative enough for their own characters or simply which the right people have misunderstood. I would say that everyone has to decide for themselves, but you should keep in mind that the figures you paint off are from draftsmen who just want to earn their bread with their art.

Fanart may be good for practicing, but what is most fun is to be creative yourself!

sorry for the novel: D