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Dream job with little time to dreamWhat you need to know about one of the most beautiful jobs in Switzerland

Many people dream of taking over an SAC hut: nature, beautiful panorama, good air surround you. But working in a hut is also challenging - both physically and mentally.

A hut warden is everything: entrepreneur, cook, coach, technician, meteorologist, biologist, tourism guide, Samaritan - and sometimes also an entertainer and psychologist. When the weather is nice he “cramps” in the kitchen and when he has time for himself, of course, the weather is bad. That means that as a hut warden you have to be very flexible, able to adapt to the situation, the weather and the different guests.

Every hut is different, has its own character and requirements. If she is in the high mountains, the first mountaineers want their breakfast at 3:00 a.m. And then you should like to get up with the chickens yourself. If not, a cozy family hiking hut is more right for you. Even if the sun shines more often in the mountains than in the lowlands: Many huts only enjoy a few hours of sunshine a day because a high mountain swallows the sun's rays for the rest of the time. And a hut with 150 beds needs a different organization than one with 40. In any case, find out in advance what kind of hut it is - and be aware of what is important to you personally!

What makes a good hut keeper? Are definitely wantedAll-rounders. Manual skills, social skills and a basic commercial understanding are important. Great independence and self-management are central. Because at the hut he is responsible for everything himself. That also needs psychological stability, you have to be resilient and capable of conflict. It is best if you have a good command of foreign languages. Since the hut warden is also an entrepreneur, she also has to be a good boss, personnel management and deployment planning have to be right. But also the finances: Without administrative skills and knowledge of bookkeeping, insurance and taxation it does not work.

Anyone who has experience in gastronomy has good prerequisites. Because first and foremost the hut warden is the host.

Despite all the hardships - or maybe because of them? More and more people want to take over an SAC hut at least for a certain period of time. The Demand is greater than supply. But those who have got hold of one often stay with them for a long time. Because for many it is still the most beautiful job in Switzerland, even after years.