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FAQ: Career opportunities with an MBA?

"I'm still a student at the moment, but am now finding out about my study options and the professions that one can pursue after studying such as the MBA. What are the options with the MBA? Are there professions for which an MBA is absolutely necessary or can you actually do anything with it? "

An MBA is an additional qualification and not a basic requirement for a particular profession. The range of jobs for which an MBA can be considered is huge.

An MBA is suitable for almost any profession, but is not a requirement

You cannot create an overview and say “You need an MBA for these professions”, because the career choice comes before the MBA course.

Your study and career path could look like this, for example:

  1. Bachelor's degree in a non-business administration course (can be anything from engineering (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc.) to natural sciences (mathematics, chemistry) and health sciences.

  2. Completion of the bachelor's degree and career entry (almost no matter which company in which industry).

  3. Rapid, positive career development in the course of the first few years of the job, which suggests that you are suitable for higher management positions.

  4. Only now does the consideration of doing the MBA come into play in order to prepare for these management positions.

In an MBA you learn basic business knowledge. This ranges from controlling to human resources management to taxation. Accordingly, the graduates of an MBA program can be used in a variety of ways and are particularly suitable for new professional fields that arise as a result of a change in functions in many professions.

MBA is useful where economic action is required

A career as a researcher does not need an MBA. The same applies, for example, to teachers or employees in the health sector, such as physiotherapists or speech therapists. BUT: As soon as you reach a career level where you also take on managerial responsibility and, for example, no longer just research as a researcher, Instead, the research results of a department are coordinated and discussed with the management on business issues As the research budget or the return on investment of research maintains, the MBA can be useful.

The general rule: MBA graduates are preferably employed in the areas of sales, distribution and sales or in operational management and organization. And there are almost unlimited career opportunities.

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