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Anyone who has ever bought a car, a house or anything else expensive knows that negotiating good things can save a lot of money. It is the same with the mortgage. The property owner's negotiating position is good because a lot of providers offer exactly the same thing. A fixed-rate mortgage is more or less the same for all lenders, and the same is true for Libor mortgages. In other words: your house or apartment will not be more beautiful if the mortgage is more expensive. The banks know that too. Use your good negotiating position accordingly to get the best possible interest rate. Despite the good starting position for borrowers, it is important to choose a structured approach.

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How to negotiate mortgage interest

Determine mortgage strategy

Only those who know what they want can negotiate well. For this reason, as a loan seeker, the first thing you should do is define your mortgage strategy. You have to decide which mortgage model, which term and which amount with which amortization you want to take out. In this way, you create transparency and can request the same from all providers from whom you later obtain offers. This is important! Because only identical offers can be compared. The basis for this is the choice of transparent mortgage products that are comparable across different providers. If you want to negotiate even better, you can find out more for yourself or seek independent advice and then go straight to the interest rate negotiation. Here you will find more information:

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Optimize credit rating

Banks create a so-called credit rating for every loan seeker and for every property. This rating decides on the creditworthiness of the customer and thus indirectly on the level of the interest rate. A good rating means a lower risk for the bank and results in a lower interest rate for the borrower. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated in practice - good interest rates are often only offered when there is a significantly better competitive offer. At this stage of the negotiation, it is crucial to present your personal credit rating as well as possible. The bank advisor or the person responsible at the bank has more leeway to lower interest rates if you and the creditworthiness of your property are as good as possible. You can find more information about which criteria are important and how you can improve your rating here:

Mortgage - Improve Personal Credit Rating

Negotiate the amount of the mortgage interest

If you know exactly which mortgage you need and enter the interest rate negotiation with a perfect dossier and an optimized rating, you have a good chance of getting a competitive interest rate. When negotiating interest rates, it is important to take all fees into account when making a decision. In addition, the differences in the loan agreements and the associated effects must be compared and “assessed”. It is also crucial to obtain several offers. It makes sense to first get an overview of the market and find out which bank or insurance company could offer good interest rates for your personal needs. In the second step, it is well advised to get five or more offers. It is important that all offers are obtained at exactly the same time. Otherwise, offers are only partially comparable and you give up the most important trump card - the competitive offer - when negotiating the interest rate. You can find more information on negotiating interest rates here:

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