How old is Abraham Lincoln now

Abraham Lincoln more relevant today than ever?

Abraham Lincoln was born in the Kentucky wilderness to a smallholder farmer. His mother died in agony in the tiny one-room log cabin before his eyes when he was just nine years old. Lincoln was able to attend school for a full 12 months. But with an almost unbelievable energy he rummaged through the legal literature of his time. At 25, Lincoln, who was considered an exceptional rhetorical talent, was already in the Illinois House of Representatives. A short time later, the autodidact, who never saw the inside of a university, was admitted to the bar. Lincoln freed himself from the shackles of absolute poverty. And America through the Civil War from slavery.

"Lincoln is one of my heroes" admits his admirer Barack Obama. He is also a lawyer, albeit not in self-study but with a scholarship at the elite universities of Columbia and Harvard. Obama also began his political career in Illinois. He also likes to write his speeches himself. And by hand. Lincoln and Obama - two charismatic speakers, celebrated by the crowd.

Historical words in historical places

We can do the seemingly impossible, suggested Obama to his audience during the election campaign. He always referred to his great role model, Abraham Lincoln. The constant reference to the greatest of all American presidents helped him, the black outsider candidate, to become president himself. On the steps of the State Capitol in Springfield Illinois, Obama announced his candidacy two years ago. Exactly where Lincoln once denounced slavery.

Barack Obama wants to follow in Lincoln's footsteps - and they are great, as you can see from this original Abraham Lincoln cover

During the election campaign, Obama repeatedly stressed that he would form a team of former rivals as president. Just like his great role model once. "Lincoln accepted all of his competitors into the cabinet," said Obama, explaining the secret of his political idol's success. But Obama wasn't quite as generous in the end. After all, the appointment of his arch-rival Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and the renewal of the employment contract of Bush's Secretary of Defense Gates showed an approach of Lincolnian size.

Involve the political opponent

Lincoln's key question is also his own, Obama emphasizes: "Our most important question was? How do we lead America through the crisis?" Then as now, the answer was: with the best political minds, even if they are the minds of the opponents. A 'team of rivals', selflessly struggling to find the best strategy for the country, this is how Obama sees his role model. And so he wants to govern himself.

But many believe that the main thing is to involve rivals and thus prevent them from becoming critical opponents. That was the pragmatic motto of the clever Abraham Lincoln, who was shot by an assassin in the Ford Theater in Washington because of his fight against slavery and for the equality of black Americans. Abraham Lincoln was a late victim of the American Civil War, which only came to an end with the election victory of his black admirer Barack Obama.