What is a simple spinal reflex

"Touch for Health" (TfH) is one of the oldest methods in kinesiology. This technique was originally developed for laypeople and is therefore easy for everyone to learn. It should give everyone the opportunity to restore and improve their own physical and mental well-being and that of family members, friends, etc. through energy balancing. In the meantime, "Touch for Health" has also become an entry-level training for kinesiologists and is ideally suited as additional training for e.g. social and health professions.

Our well-being is based, among other things, on the steady flow of energy in the meridian system in our body. The courses teach how to recognize blockages in our energy system through muscle tests and to resolve them through various corrections.


For this purpose, findings from:

* of kinetics

* Traditional Chinese Medicine and

* used in nutrition.



The completion of each course is the certificate from the International Kinesiology College (IKC).

After completing the 4 courses, you are entitled to obtain the free trade license and to apply the methods you have learned independently.


Duration of training:

4 modules of 2 days each




Touch for Health 1

  • The art of muscle testing
  • The 14 meridian muscles
  • Neurolymphatic reflex zones
  • Neurovascular reflex points
  • Meridians
  • Strengthening through food
  • Easy stress resolution
  • Simple pain reduction
  • Turn on your ears and eyes
  • Emotional stress relief
  • "Fix as you go" - and target balance


Touch for Health 2

  • The muscles of the shoulder girdle and hip area
  • The five elements of traditional Chinese medicine
  • The meridian system
  • Strengthening acupressure point combinations
  • Alarm or mu points
  • Test and balance over and under energy in the meridians
  • Color balance


Touch for Health 3

  • More muscles and their interaction
  • Reactive muscle relationships
  • Pulse test
  • Soothing acupressure point combinations
  • More about pain reduction
  • Dwell mode
  • Posture analysis
  • Postural stress reduction
  • Tibetan eighth


Touch for Health 4

  • Deepening the five elements teaching
  • Theory of acupressure points
  • Luo points and energy balance in one element
  • Balance emotions
  • Muscle weaknesses on both sides and correction via spinal reflexes
  • 42 standing muscle tests