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29th September, 2008


Two eyewitnesses, whom our partner in Central India has confidence in, have returned from Orissa with shocking news. People will be slaughtered there in public and badly tortured. But authorities do not come to the aid of the beleaguered believers. They tell of a young pastor who saw his mother being dismembered in front of his eyes. Attempts have also been made to poison the water reservoirs in the refugee camps, where thousands of people seek refuge and safety. Foreigners are denied entry, nobody can bring tools, food or clothes there. Hundreds of people are hiding in the mountains with almost nothing to eat.


Another partner of ours went to Orissa to see the situation with their own eyes. He told us this morning that over 5,000 houses would be damaged or destroyed, 136 of which belong to his community. Over 100 Christians have been killed so far, 50 of them missionaries and pastors. Five of his orphanages were set on fire and looted. The children fled to the refugee camps despite the risk of poisoned water. Thousands of other Christians have fled to the woods. Among them there are pregnant women who are now theirs Having to give birth to babies under the trees. Pastors' wives and children are kidnapped and forced to reveal information. Villagers are told to become Hindus again if they want to return to their homes. Our partner estimates it will cost € 35,000 to replace only the houses, clothes and belongings of his own wise men, children and church members in Orissa.


September 26th, 2008


Christiam Manrique is 34 and married to Rosa. You live in Iquitos at the entrance to the Peruvian jungle, which can only be reached by boat or plane. They have been following God's calling there since 2006. Whole families decided to follow Jesus through their beliefs and lifestyle. They started very small on their own street. Now they have a nice building and everyone is talking about how God is blessing the church. Very well done, Christiam. Next month you can meet our friend Rolando Canazas, who is coming to Iquitos to open a mission school.

On Monday we will publish very disturbing eyewitness accounts from Orissa, India about the persecution and death toll.


Do you want to see what people look like in different parts of the world? Earth Album shows you amazing photos and maps. Just click anywhere on the map or enter a city name in the search box. If you click on the results, you will get larger photos. If you enter Iquitos you can see what kind of people Christiam deals with on a daily basis.

If you live near Pelotas - RS, in Brazil, Pastor Fabricio Avila, who wants to open a school of mission, would like to welcome you. Pastor Fabricio has many good resources.

In Man, Ivory Coast, from 10.-14. November we held a church planting seminar with more than 20 denominations. Pastor Doueu Zianssieu Patrice would like to invite you.


September 24th, 2008


A few weeks ago we told you about a new free mission school that Pastor Prem opened and leads together with his wife Elisa in Chitwan, Nepal. In addition to their own three daughters, they also care for 28 orphans. Click here to see Nepal and Prem. Prem told me today that they opened a third mission school in Santi and already have 22 enthusiastic students. Women are very often overlooked, but not here in the shadow of Mount Everest.


One of our readers asked how we do it. In response, I drew him this illustrated diagram. Hundreds of these trees are scattered around the world, each bringing forth new leaders, supporters, and senders for the mission. We call them free mission schools.


September 22nd, 2008


Only two months ago we bought two large oches and plows for two of George Purkweri's churches for the poor. George is delighted that people keep telling this story of God's grace and blessings. It has done so much that he has now planted seven more churches in Aromo, Okwang, Adwari, Walela, Ayago, Apala and Orum. It sees faith sweeping across the land like a bush fire. We look forward to buying more oxen and plows so that the poor people in Uganda can farm the land that lay fallow during the 19 year long civil war.


Have you ever thought about Genesis 28, which says "To them"? Before it said "God spoke" 8 times and many things happened. But only after he had created man could he speak to him. He could feel the grass under his feet and have the fish, birds and cattle at his feet, but only humans could sit at his feet and listen to him. What a difference and what a joy it must have been for HIM that someone listened to HIM and talked to HIM.


19th September, 2008


On the last day of Ramadan, a friendly Indonesian businessman began to distribute the equivalent of € 2.8 to the poor. It wasn't long before a crowd of 5000 people had formed. Due to the crowd, 24 mostly older women died and many more had to be taken to hospital. Our partner in Indonesia asks us to pray for his country. There are so many things there that can be done for God's kingdom and people. He hopes to open fifteen new micro-stores for young people next week so that such a tragedy can be prevented in the future.


If you are interested in overseas emission, here are twenty-four free fact sheets (in English) with everything you need to know. Thanks to Mike Frith from OSCAR, the best mission information site in the UK.

Karen Hawkins of Bible Pathway says she loves this site and almost can't wait to read the latest news. Karen offer daily devotional services in Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, and Hungarian.

Gerard Bourdage from Chambly in France asked us if we could help him find a Protestant church in Madid, Spain. Here is a list to choose from, Gerard.


17th September, 2008


On these photos you can see how our partner Rolando, Lima, high in the Peruvian Andes, makes special wheelchairs out of plastic chairs. Thanks to Ronaldo, these disabled people, who until now only lay in bed, can move around on their own. When Ronaldo first saw the disabled, he asked God to show him how to help them. He was amazed when God immediately answered him with this very favorable idea.


Finally we received another sign of life from our friends Ranledis and Marilee from Camaguey after the hurricane Ike hit them on land. They tell us how the wind swept through the streets for hours at 245kmh. Many buildings have collapsed, roofs have been torn off and the sea has flooded many houses. It is amazing that after seven days they and their community are doing well with little food, no electricity and only polluted drinking water. A neighboring village got it worse, only 4 out of 30 houses are still standing. Food is scarce, but according to reports from the BBC, Cuba is working hard to normalize the situation after the worst hurricane in history.


15th September, 2008


We have known Dr Angel Olmo and his wife Abigail for over 25 years. He is a well known surgeon and she works as a nurse. This December they are going to Burkina Faso with their EMSI mission and a team of 48 people. There they will treat and operate thousands of poor people for free. They will also pass on the good news to them and offer to pray for them. Many are excited when they think about the fact that totally deaf children can hear for the first time. This month EMSI has already brought a shipment of surgical supplies, medicine, toys and clothes there. There is also a bottling plant for clean water to build a micro-business with it. We at DCI are proud to support this mission.


The head of the free mission school in Malawi is Pastor Moses Aringo, who himself graduated from the EAPTC mission school in Nairobi. Moses told us that we were very astonished when students even came from Samiba and asked him if he could open a mission school with them too. Many would like to learn, but they are unable to give up their work for it. Moses has accepted and now there is his new mission school in Myombe, Zambia.


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10th September 2008


Our friends in Camaguey, Cuba informed us in a hastily written email on Monday that Cyclone Ike would hit land right there. After that we didn't hear anything from them other than the very frightening BBC pictures. We are concerned for the many children and old people who are under the care of Ranledis and Marilee and hope to hear from them soon.


In Danane, one of the most remote parts of the Ivory Coast, there is a free mission school which Diongbeu Hermann Tiemoko graduated not long ago. He wasted no time and founded a new church in Bouleu. One of the wonderful things that happened is that so far 47 villagers have converted and no longer worship spirits in the nearby sacred forest. They are now looking for ways to eradicate poverty by creating new jobs and businesses.


I have asked for one thing, I do one thing and I think of another. What I need most, however, is the message from Psalm 27: 4, Luke 10: 42 and Philippians 2: 1 and 3, 13. The Lord prefers to listen to him and ask what his heart desires than to do something without knowing his will.


8th September, 2008


Our friend Juan from Lima in Peru is a taxi driver and, after he finishes his work at midnight, drives to the people who live on the street. He brings them food and tells them how precious they are to God and prays for them to me. Lately it has been difficult for him to find someone to accompany him on Thursday nights, as he drives to dark and sometimes not harmless quarters. There on the streets he meets male prostitutes who, however, listen carefully and treat him well. He is sure that some of them will soon follow Jesus. For three years Juan also visits a forgotten village called Picapiedras, where he preaches in the parks and baptizes people in the open air.

Baptism: now or later?

Chuy from Mexico asks us what we think about infant baptism. Personally, I am deeply committed to the baptism of all believers of all ages. However, I know that many churches prefer to baptize babies (in English) and thus take them into God's covenant. We had our children blessed as babies and later had the privilege of seeing how they were later baptized as believers. It was a very nice experience for us.


5th September, 2008


In the midst of this catastrophe, Johnny Auguste contacted us this morning full of despair and pain: "We need grace, no more water, 200 people are dead. Many thousands are sitting on the roofs without food and water and are threatened with death.


Recently a USAF Northrop Grumman B-2 stealth bomber flew low and slowly over the roofs of our small village. Not even a UFO could have drawn more attention. Young gang members called to each other in excitement. Older men stared at the sky in awe. Neighbors who hadn't paid their taxes quickly disappeared behind closed doors. Drug dealers retreated into the shadows. It is said that this spectacular weapon cost 23 billion to develop and that the bomber we saw was worth $ 566 million. The Bible promises in Micah chapter 4 that on the day Jesus returns and brings peace all swords will be forged into plowshares. I was wondering how many high-tech plows we will get from such a stealth bomber. Will they be as difficult to see as the bomber?


From Costa Rica over $ 2000 was lovingly transferred to our friend George Purkweri in Uganda. He will buy six large bulls and two plows and lend them to widows and orphans in three out of ten churches for the poor who are in the heart of a former war zone. The families will take turns cultivating the abandoned land. We are pleased that plows are now in use instead of guns in the ten cities.


3rd September, 2008


Three weeks with Hurricane Fay, Gustav and Hanna and others in prospect have so far claimed 99 deaths in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Many thousands of people have lost all their belongings. Watch a video of the floods, the Miragoane Mission School was flooded and everything inside was destroyed. There is not a single water pump in the whole village. Our partner Johnny Auguste receives calls from frightened students, families and friends from all over the country whose questions he has no answers to. He's totally exhausted. Food is scarce and our hearts are with him and his people.


We have two new, young friends in Camaguey, in Cuba, Ranledis and his wife Maria who not only found churches but also have a vision for 100 poor children, most of whom come every day to wash, get medical care and tutoring and get food. Some abandoned and badly treated old people have also found their way there. Ranledis and Maria support them from their own resources and have founded a first mission school to train the leaders they need. There is a piece of land near the school that costs only $ 5000 and would provide space for future education, food production and a building to care for the children and the elderly. We hope that we can be of service to you.


1st September, 2008


The bad news from Orissa, India, continues uninterrupted. According to BBC News, 10,000 Christians are in refugee camps. Our partner John Joseph asks us to tell everyone how many churches, orphanages and school buildings and houses were destroyed during the last weekend and that more than 70 Christians have lost their lives. The believers stayed up all night fearing the 200 people starting mob they heard was headed for their church and orphanage because they cannot count on any help from the police or the government.John tells us that in Sindhibhata all the women and children of the Christians fled into the jungle while the men try to protect their belongings and houses.


One of the mission schools in Burundi, which lies on the edge of the great Lake Victoria in the heart of Africa, is directed by Felix Niyongabo. Felix started with 26 students, but one student died during training, 9 gave up and 3 failed their final exams. Nonetheless, 13 proud students graduated from school and received their diplomas. Three of them have the vision of planting new churches in this still very unstable and often dangerous country. We congratulate Felix and his men, they did a good job.

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