Different areas in which an industrial engineer could work

Industrial engineer: all information about the job!

The job of industrial engineer is right for you if ...

  • You are interested in technology and business.
  • you want a varied working day.
  • you are creative.
  • Communication is one of your strengths.
  • Working with numbers suits you.
  • it is easy for you to keep track of things.
  • you can handle responsibility.

Table of Contents

  1. Education
  2. Focus in the course
  3. tasks
  4. Salary prospects
  5. Alternative professions
  6. Future perspective
  7. overview

How to become an industrial engineer: studying

The studiesindustrial engineeringis mainly characterized by its Interdisciplinary out. Elements from the Engineering with elements from the Economics connected. That is why you will encounter both mechanical engineering and economics during your studies.

There are several options for the subject. Usually you do one Bachelor's degree in six semestersyou with a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science concludes. After that it is possible a master’s degree in four semesters to connect. While studying at a university is often scientifically oriented, the subject at universities of applied sciences and technical universities is more practice-oriented. If that particularly appeals to you, you might be in one dual studies correct: There is the possibility of combining studies with practical training in a company.

Recommended courses of study

Focus in the course

In addition to the scientific, technical and economic knowledgeThere are also those that are taught in the course of industrial engineering Focusthat you choose yourself and with which you can control which industry you want to work in one day.

Depending on the university and course of study, the focus modules can differ, but usually belong Automotive industry, construction, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and production and logistics to the options. Also Environment and sustainability is becoming an increasingly popular elective module.

The tasks of an industrial engineer

As an industrial engineer, you are at the Interface between engineering and economicsby developing strategies and concepts like a Company competitive remains. You design the operational processes as much as possible efficient and economical. You also deal with the Optimization of technical operating processesto ensure maximum productivity and profitability.

Because you as an industrial engineer have the appropriate technical and economic knowledge, you are an expert in To improve and adapt processes in both areas. With these strategies you can increase the competitiveness of a company.

In every branch that deals with industry and technology, you can also find industrial engineers: for example in Mechanical engineering, electrical and vehicle technology, energy and environmental technology or chemical engineering. But you can also work as an industrial engineer in the consulting area or IT.

You also have the opportunity to specialize further. In the area Controlling and Consulting you design controlling systems, make decisions about investments and costs and check the profitability of projects. In the Manufacturing and production it is about production processes in line with the market and factory and assembly planning. Or you are drawn to the logistics? The main focus here is on the storage and transshipment of goods and products and the optimization of the value chain.

You are interested, however Marketing and Sales more, you can work there with market analysis and strategy development. In the Business consulting you can also advise companies on economic and legal issues.

With some work experience, you will also have the opportunity to work in the management to specialize. You will coordinate operational processes and the cooperation between individual departments. If you are on one leading position are interested, this is exactly the right thing for you.

Salary: This is how much you earn as an industrial engineer

With a Bachelor in industrial engineering you can with a starting salary of an average of EUR 47,116 gross per year count on one Master's degree with an annual wage of around 48,902 euros gross. The higher the level of education, the better the salary prospects. With a completed doctorate the starting salary as an industrial engineer is around 5,263 euros gross per month. Since industrial engineers are in great demand, you can expect to continue to earn well in the future. However, there are also different average salaries in the individual industries that you should consider. This is how you earn with one Masters in Telecommunications about 4,988 euros gross per month, in the Vehicle construction industry around 4,918 euros, in the chemical industry around 4,883 euros and in the Development and research 3,924 euros gross per month.

Alternative professions

If the job of industrial engineer is not for you, there are other jobs that you can call Engineer can exercise.

Sales engineer

Another, strongly economic engineering profession can be found in Sales engineer. Here you are for the Sales of technical products and services responsible and thus have a lot of customer contact. With your technical and economic knowledge, you can successfully market complex products. To become a sales engineer, you can Sales engineering study or an alternative, such as Industrial engineering or international sales management.

Business economist

As Business economist belongs to the Planning and design of operational decision templates, the definition and optimization of operational organizational structures and the formulation of targets for your own department for your tasks. But you can also specialize further, such as in the areas Sales and marketing, finance and accounting, or manufacturing. There are different ways to become a business economist, for example within the framework of a commercial training or at a vocational college or a technical college.

Industrial engineer: a job with a future

Industrial engineers are among the most sought-after professionals on the job market, so the career opportunities in this area are very good. Especially with that interdisciplinary knowledge and the diverse competencies As an industrial engineer, you are in great demand not only in large companies but also in many small and medium-sized companies.

Overview: The most important information about the profession of industrial engineer

  • You can study industrial engineering at a university, a university of applied sciences, a technical university or as part of a dual study program.
  • Industrial engineers can be found in many different industries, such as mechanical engineering or electrical and vehicle technology.
  • As an industrial engineer, you deal with the optimization of technical operational processes.
  • Industrial engineers start with a very high annual salary.