What is this icon in Android

What does each Android icon on your device stand for?

Vertical bars

The Android icon with five vertical bars indicates that your device is connected to a cellular network. The more bars that are colored white, the stronger your current connection or reception strength. If gray bars are predominantly visible, you may have to reckon with impairments when using the phone.

Vertical bars + X

If you see an Android icon with an X in addition to the vertical bar, then you have no network reception. For this reason, the bars are shown entirely in gray. The main reason for poor or no reception are places such as subway stations, department stores or cinemas, which can have a negative impact on your network.

LTE + arrows

If you see an Android icon consisting of an LTE and two arrows below it, your mobile internet is switched on. In this case, LTE stands for the cellular standard currently in use. However, if you are using 3G, this information will appear above the two arrows instead. Of course, this also applies to the future 5G mobile communications standard.

Semicircles + arrows

The Android icon with the four increasing semicircles and the two arrows underneath indicates that (and how strongly) you are currently connected to a WiFi network. Sometimes the semicircle symbol is also referred to as a "rainbow". By the way, iPhones use a similar symbol, only with three instead of four semicircles.

Cone +!

If you see the Android icon with an upside down cone and an exclamation mark, then you are connected to a WiFi network but have no reception. There can be different reasons for this. When you are at home, the best thing to do is to check your router and restart it just to be sure.

SIM card +!

If you discover an Android icon on your smartphone that shows a small SIM card and an exclamation mark, then there is no SIM card in your phone. This can especially happen if you have bought a new or used smartphone and switched it on for the first time.


If you see an Android icon with a small photo, a screenshot has just been taken. The symbol does not indicate anything other than that you have just taken a screen capture. In principle, the icon only consists of a square and an indicated mountain in it. You can find the screenshot made in the gallery of your Android phone.

Round arrows + straight arrow

If you see two round arrows that circle around a third, vertical arrow, a new update is ready to be installed. These can be very different updates, e.g. for your operating system or individual apps. In principle, updates are there to bring your software up to date.