What are credit card points

Score and save with the Amazon.de loyalty program

With your Amazon.de VISA card you collect points with every purchase - worldwide: in shops, on trips, in hotels, at petrol stations and of course on Amazon.de.


How many points are there?

  • 1 euro sales at Amazon.de = 2 Amazon points without Prime membership
  • 1 euro sales at Amazon.de = 3 Amazon points with Prime membership
  • 2 Euro sales outside Amazon.de = 1 Amazon point


What are the points worth?

  • 1 Amazon point = 1 euro cent


How are the points redeemed?

You can use the Amazon points you have collected:

  • for shopping on Amazon.de or
  • for the reduction of the annual ticket price (not applicable for Prime members)


Shopping with points:

You can use any of your Amazon points for your purchases directly on Amazon.de. Provided that your Amazon.de VISA card is stored as a payment method in "My Account" and selected for payment.

The available points are shown to you when you "Proceed to checkout". You decide for yourself whether you want to redeem all or just some of your points when shopping. You can also see your point balance in "My Account".


Reduction of the annual ticket price:

Up to 2,000 Amazon points can be redeemed for the reduction of the annual ticket price per card year. A maximum of 4 x 500 points can be used in a card year. For every 500 points you will receive a credit of 5 euros on your card account when calculating the annual ticket price. The annual ticket price does not apply to all Prime members.

A little tip: Simply pre-set the redemption for the annual ticket price in credit card banking! Under the menu item "Benefits", select the function with which you automatically reduce your annual ticket price. As soon as you have collected 500 Amazon points, 5 euros will be reserved as a credit for the next annual ticket price.


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