How bad is pizza for you

Pizza doesn't make you fat

Lose weight despite fast food? Why a pizza doesn't make you fat

You stick to eating as healthily as possible. Do your best But then he is there! The one day when you can no longer resist. Your partner is in the mood for pizza. Or you are invited and there she is now in front of you. You quarrel with your conscience. Should I or should not I? We give you some advice: do it! And without a guilty conscience!

If you stick to your calorie intake, you can also choose unhealthy foods. ONE pizza won't make you fat! Neither will you lose weight with SINGLE salad instead of fast food.


1. Progress and consistency

You don't make progress overnight. It is a process that takes a long time. Therefore, fast food and weight loss are not fundamentally mutually exclusive. It's more about being consistent. Because only if you are really consistent will you see your progress, and no pizza, burger, donut or other unhealthy food prevents you from doing so. By the way, it is also the other way around: If you eat unhealthily all the time, one salad will not get you closer to your goals.


2. Lose weight despite fast food? Learn to rethink!

Stop thinking only in terms of “healthy” and “unhealthy”.

  • Pizza has more calories and fewer nutrients.
  • Salad has fewer calories and more nutrients.

When you view food as either healthy or unhealthy, it inevitably feels like some of it is bad or even forbidden. However, if you see it for what it actually is, you can choose anything that's right for you, feast on fast food every now and then and still lose weight.

Pizza isn't unhealthy. It just has more calories and fewer nutrients than lettuce. So stop being mean to pizza. 😉

You will see: Even with a "healthy" diet, you can consume too many calories and thereby gain weight. Just take avocados or nuts as examples. Both are supposedly very healthy foods, but at the same time contain a lot of calories.


3. Pay attention to your calorie needs!

In the end, it just depends on what your energy balance looks like at the end of the day - or let's say within a week.

As long as you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight and vice versa. Which foods you eat with it doesn't matter.

Therefore, keep an eye on your energy balance throughout the week. There is also no point in paying strict attention to it during the week and wreaking havoc on the weekend with a "Cheat Day". Stop forbidding yourself! Everything is allowed as long as your energy balance is negative in the end.

Of course, there is one health aspect that you should keep in mind. Namely that there are "worse" fats or carbohydrates that do not necessarily have a positive effect on your health. But whether you gain or lose weight has nothing to do with “good” or “bad” foods, it has to do with the calories you eat. And that is the main reason why you can enjoy fast food every now and then and still lose weight.

And one last general tip from us: Learn to enjoy - no matter what you eat! With us you can order delicious and healthy ready meals online 🙂