Why don't the Russians hire Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is allowed to stay entirely in Russia

Former US secret service employee Edward Snowden, who faces trial for treason in his home country, has been granted permanent residency in Russia. Snowden's lawyer Anatoly Kutscherena told the AFP news agency that the 37-year-old's residence permit had been extended. It is now valid indefinitely.

Most recently, when asked about Snowden's health, the lawyer replied: "Everything is fine with him. He works. His wife is with him." The question of Russian citizenship is currently not an issue.

Stranded on the run

In 2013, Snowden revealed the mass surveillance of the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the British interception service GCHQ with thousands of top secret documents. While fleeing via Hong Kong, he said he wanted to fly to Ecuador, but was stranded at Moscow airport after the US government canceled his passport. Snowden got asylum in Russia.

While his supporters celebrate him, the US accuses the IT specialist of espionage and the threat to national security. Snowden has said he would like to return to the United States, but only on condition that he can get a fair trial there. In August, US President Donald Trump vaguely hinted at a possible pardon for Snowden. It is not publicly known where exactly he is in Russia today.


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