Converted Lindsay Lohan to Islam

Lindsay Lohan: Has she converted to Islam?

Lindsay Lohan deleted all pictures from her Instagram account and left a message that is now causing some speculation

Lindsay Lohan causes speculation again. The 30-year-old recently deleted all photos from her Instagram account and left a message that now suggests she has converted to Islam.

Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam?

The actress only has the Arabic greeting "Alaikum salam" on her Instagram presence. It has now sparked speculation. Some devout Muslims have welcomed the actress before. However, there is still no official confirmation from Lindsay Lohan.

Some Twitter users already welcomed Lindsay Lohan under the umbrella of Islam: "Welcome Lindsay Lohan to the religion of Peace (Islam) #lindsay"

Some groundbreaking evidence

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What is certain is that Lohan was in Dubai at the turn of the year and visited Syrian refugee children in Turkey last October. She has also made positive comments about the Koran in the past. "It opens spiritual doors for me to find another true meaning. This is what I'm looking for," she said in 2016 on the Turkish talk show "Haber Turk".