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My podcast for your happy week!

My podcast contributions, which I also make available on my YouTube channel, are about a different topic every Sunday for your inspiration or as an intention for the week.

Every Sunday I would like to give you something for the following week that you can integrate into your life, be it as a small inspiration or as a direct intention. With this you align yourself to this topic and can thus receive more love, a better mind-set and a higher vibration of your energy.

Why is that so important?

The whole universe is made up of energy, just like you and me. We are all connected to one another. Let us now vibrate in nice, good positive energy, because you z. If, for example, you have taken the topic of self-love as an intention in the week, you automatically align your thoughts, feelings and actions with this positive and great topic.

Become aware of what happens when you crawl out of bed in the morning in a bad mood, you may also bump your toe on the edge of the bed. Actually, you could stay in bed anyway, because with this mood and energy you don't necessarily attract good clothes today. So it goes on, e.g. B. You pour your coffee, suddenly you are stuck in a traffic jam or the traffic is paralyzed, etc. And so it can go on all day. And that's exactly why there is my podcast, which should be an intention or inspiration for you for the week, so that you can remember how you want to align yourself and increase your vibration.

I don't want to set my own intention every day, because I have found for myself that this also increases the pressure and, especially in the evening, demotivates when you realize “oh now I've lost sight of my intention all day”. With a week this is a nice learning effect, because in the evening you can look back at the points why it did not work so well today and learn from it for the next day and orientate yourself differently. It is the same when it worked out great and found out what contributed and has contributed to this and can do it again the next day.

I think it's a very nice opportunity to always see the week in a certain light and to experience it more beautifully.

Once a week I will also post on my Facebook page what I am feeling about it or what questions or feedback, e.g. B. comes from you to support and accompany you as well as possible.

I wish you a lot of fun with my podcast!
Namasté and all the best
Your Birgit


Podcast blog entries:

# Welcome greeting: what I'm talking about in my podcast
Welcome to Inspiration & Intention Sunday

# 1 JOY - April 8th, 2018
Joy is in my life

# 2 HUG-04/15/2018
For more hug

# 3 be more of a child - April 22nd, 2018
be more of a child again

# 4 I see it differently - 04/29/2018
change the view

# 5 out into nature - 05/06/2018
go into nature

# 6 Giving love away - 05/13/2018
give away your love

# 7 Breath is Life - 05/20/2018
conscious breathing

# 8 listen to the heart -27.05.2018
listen to your heart

# 9 have more courage in life - 03.06.2018

# 10 - happiness - 1 settings - 08/05/2018
How you feel more happiness based on your settings

# 11 - happiness - 2 bodies - 08/12/2018
How you can experience more happiness through your body

# 12 - happiness - 3 goals-visions - 08/19/2018
How to be more happy when you know and live your goals

# 14 - happiness - 4 moments - 08/26/2018
How the focus on moments can change your happiness

# 15 - happiness - 5 your self-image - 02.09.2018
How your self-image affects your happiness

# 16 - happiness - 6 humor - 09.09.2018
How humor makes you happy

# 19 - Holiday special - 09/16/2018
Vacation and what it brings to your feeling to hear

# 18 - Luck - 7 Give - 07.10.2018
How you feel more happy when you give more



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