Homeowner insurance covers cyber fraud

Homeowners insurance benefits

Most homeowners have homeowners insurance. Often a long time ago with automatic renewal

But what was it like back then, what is insured?

After a while, it becomes unclear what is actually insured in homeowners insurance. Which cases of damage are insured in the residential building insurance and which damages are not insured?

With residential building insurance, all parts of the building that are permanently connected to the building (doors, windows, stairs, etc.) are covered. Everything that you cannot take with you when you move because it belongs to the building, I can insure with the residential building insurance. Furnishings such as furniture and appliances that you can take with you when you move are part of the household contents insurance.

The insurance conditions are similar for all insurers, they mostly follow the recommendations of the Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). Differences can only exist in the case of special additional agreements between the individual companies.

What damage does the home insurance cover?

The insurance covers damage caused by:

  • Fire
  • The direct lightning strike
  • explosion
  • implosion
  • tap water
  • Storm and hail

What else can be insured?

Overvoltage damage to the building and its components caused by lightning-induced overvoltage can also be included.

Further damage caused by natural forces, for example caused by floods or avalanches, can - after an individual risk assessment - also be insured against a premium.