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Top 15 qualities of a child carer

If you could put together your dream babysitter according to your ideas, what qualities would you give him or her? Before you decide on a childcare worker, you should make sure that he or she also meets the right requirements for the job as a babysitter and that he or she has certain qualities. But it is also an advantage for child carers themselves to know the skills that future employers attach great importance to. We've rounded up the top 15 qualities of a child carer for you.

1. Flexible

Child carers need to be able to adapt to sudden changes in daily routines. Anyone who takes care of a child has to keep an eye on their individual needs. A very high level of flexibility is especially important if you are a single parent, as you are more likely to need short-term support.

2. Be patient

All parents know that raising children requires patience. It takes time for children to learn to distinguish between right and wrong. When a child carer is lacking patience, it can become a serious problem. Children like to test the patience of their caregiver every now and then. Anyone who takes care of your children should therefore be able to find the right balance between discipline and calm.

3. Mindful

For your babysitter, your child should come first. If he or she is clinging to the cell phone or chatting with friends all the time, interaction with the children is neglected. A babysitter who is permanently inattentive and with his thoughts elsewhere cannot, for example, react quickly enough and intervene in an emergency.

4. Loving children

Not everyone likes to spend time with children - but a babysitter should of course have a big heart for the little ones. During the interview, parents should make sure that the babysitter is really interested in the children and has a desire to get to know them.

5. Trustworthy

You place a lot of trust in the person who you will recommend taking care of your loved one. Your babysitter should prove worthy of that trust. Especially if your babysitter has access to your house or apartment and maybe even has his own key, he should be trustworthy and careful with your belongings and of course with your children.

6. Security conscious

The safety of your offspring has top priority. When looking for a babysitter, make sure that he or she can prove that he or she has attended a first aid course or something similar. This is always an advantage - especially in emergency situations.

7. Loving

If someone wants to spend their time looking after and taking care of others, a warm and loving personality should go without saying. During the introductory phase, see how the babysitter treats your offspring.

8. Enthusiastic

An enthusiastic babysitter who encourages the children to play and have fun can make it easier for the children to say goodbye to their parents. Enthusiastic caregivers keep thinking up new games and finding ways to entertain the children instead of just parking them for hours in front of the TV.

9. Honest

You should be able to expect your babysitter to be open and honest with you at all times. How was the day? What was done to the child? If you catch your babysitter making too many white lies or excuses, it may be time to consider switching.

10. Communicative

Your babysitter should be able to entertain themselves well with both children and other adults. Notice how your babysitter communicates with the children and whether, for example, he kneels down and is on a level with them when he speaks to them.

11. Experienced

Practical experience may not automatically make the perfect babysitter, but more experienced carers tend to react more calmly and responsibly in unexpected situations than inexperienced babysitters. Ask your applicant for certificates and references from previous employers to get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir previous experience.

12. Creative

If a babysitter is creative and always comes up with new ideas and suggestions for games, handicrafts and activities, it is very likely that your offspring will have a lot of fun with the babysitter and that the time without mom and dad will fly by. Creativity is definitely a plus!

13. Funny

It may not seem important to you at first, but a sense of humor is an important quality your babysitter should bring. If a babysitter has a humorous manner, this shows that he feels comfortable with other people, has a high degree of tolerance and is able to cope with difficult situations more calmly.

14. Practical

If you want your babysitter to adhere to the daily routine and set structures, it is advisable to find a babysitter who is practical. For example, to gauge how sensible your babysitter is, you can ask him or her to assess his or her self-discipline and ability to stick to appointments and agreements.

15. Reliable

You want a babysitter who is punctual and reliably does what is expected of him. Of course, your babysitter should play and have fun with your children, but at the same time it is important that your carer also fulfills his or her duties - for example, preparing child-friendly meals or bringing the children to bed on time.

Last but not least, every family is different and expects different things from a childcare worker. You should therefore look out for someone who will fit in well with your family. It is unrealistic to expect an applicant to combine all of the above characteristics. Concentrate your search on those that are particularly close to your heart. By giving yourself enough time to find the right caregiver for your loved one, you can ensure that you will soon have a babysitter who really suits your family's needs and ideas.

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