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Spanish first names

Foreign first names, for which there was an equivalent in one of the languages ​​used in Spain, were not allowed there until 1994. For example, a child was not allowed Stefan to be named. The name right wrote the Spanish variant instead Esteban in front. Traditional names that were widespread in Europe were banned as baby names in Spain. Exotic first names from distant cultures, on the other hand, were allowed to be selected. This regulation was particularly problematic in cases with a foreign parent.

But even after the change in the Spanish Law on Names of 6 July 1994, the freedom to find a first name is more restricted in Spain than in Germany:

  • A maximum of two simple or one compound first name may be given. So three or more first names are not allowed.
  • First names must not harm the child.
  • Reduced forms, familiar and colloquial variants are not permitted.
  • The gender of the child must be evident.
  • Siblings must have different first names. This rule even applies to different variants of the same name. Spanish parents are therefore not allowed to name their second daughter Elisabeth if the older sister is Isabel. Exception: parents can reassign the first name of a child who has since passed away.

Most popular baby names in Spain

(Year of birth 2019)

Most popular baby names in Catalonia

(Year of birth 2014)

  1. Martina
  2. Júlia / Julia
  3. Laia
  4. Maria / María
  5. Paula
  6. Lucía
  7. Carla
  8. Emma
  9. Noa
  10. Aina
  1. Marc
  2. Àlex / Álex
  3. pole
  4. Èric / Eric
  5. Martí
  6. Jan
  7. Biel
  8. Hugo
  9. Pau
  10. Arnau

The most popular baby names in the Basque Country

(Year of birth 2014)

  1. Ane
  2. June
  3. Nahia
  4. Irati
  5. Uxue
  6. Laia
  7. Noa
  8. Haizea
  9. Nora
  10. Lucia
  1. Markel
  2. Iker
  3. Jon
  4. Ibai
  5. Aimar
  6. At the
  7. Oier
  8. Julen
  9. Unai
  10. Mikel

Most popular baby names in Galicia

(Year of birth 2014)

  1. Noa
  2. Daniela
  3. Sara
  4. Martina
  5. Lucía
  6. Sofia
  7. Paula
  8. Alba
  9. Carla
  10. Maria
  1. Martin
  2. Mateo
  3. Hugo
  4. Pablo
  5. Daniel
  6. Nicolás
  7. Manuel
  8. Diego
  9. Adrian
  10. Leo

The most common given names of all residents of Spain

(full first names in 2008)

  1. Maria
  2. Maria Carmen
  3. Carmen
  4. Josefa
  5. Isabel
  6. Maria Dolores
  7. Ana Maria
  8. Francesca
  9. Dolores
  10. Maria Pilar
  11. Antonia
  12. Maria Teresa
  13. Ana
  14. Maria Angeles
  15. Cristina
  16. Laura
  17. Maria Jose
  18. Maria Isabel
  19. Pilar
  20. Concepcion
  21. Marta
  22. Maria Luisa
  23. Mercedes
  24. Manuela
  25. Teresa
  1. Antonio
  2. José
  3. Manuel
  4. Francisco
  5. Juan
  6. David
  7. José Antonio
  8. José Luis
  9. Jesus
  10. Javier
  11. Carlos
  12. Miguel
  13. Pedro
  14. Rafael
  15. Jose Manuel
  16. fishing rod
  17. Daniel
  18. Francisco Javier
  19. Luis
  20. Fernando
  21. Miguel Angel
  22. José Maria
  23. Alejandro
  24. Sergio
  25. Alberto

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica

Typical Spanish first names

28 percent of Spanish women are named Maria and 13 percent of men are named José (nickname Pepe). In the days of the dictator Franco, it was a good example to give children one of these two biblical first names.

How the many Pepes and Maris can be kept apart

Old names from the Iberian Peninsula

First names of the Spanish national soccer team

World Championship 2018

Alvaro, Andres, Cesar, Daniel, David, Diego, Gerard, Iago, Jordi, José, Lucas, Marco, Nacho, Rodrigo, Saul, Sergio

World Championship 2010

Alonso, Alvaro, Andres, Carles, Carlos, Cesc, David, Fernando, Gerard, Iker, Joan, José, Juan, Martinez, Navas, Pedro, Ramos, Raul, Sergio, Torres, Victor, Xavi

World Championship 2006

Andres, Antonio, Asier, Carles, Carlos, David, Fernando, Francesc, Iker, Joaquin, Jose, Juanito, Luis, Marcos, Míchel, Pablo, Raúl, Santiago, Sergio, Xabier, Xavier

European Championship 2004

Albert, Carles, César, Carlos, Daniel, David, Fernando, Gabri, Iker, Iván, Joaquin, Joseba, Juan, Juanito, Michel, Raúl, Rubén, Santiago, Vicente, Xabier, Xavier

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