Why did Pepsi pack Aquafina in aluminum

The bright future of aluminum

The bottled water market is changing. According to the American Mintel study on still and carbonated water, US consumers are hardly concerned about the environmental impact of plastic bottles: this is the case with almost four out of ten consumers no more money for environmentally friendly bottles output. But even in Germany, more than half of the buyers are not actively looking for recyclable packaging. However, the environmental impact of single-use plastic poses an existential threat to the industry.

A third of Germans agree that Bottled water is the main culprit for plastic waste is. The denigration of plastic bottles in turn harbors new potential for using alternative materials such as aluminum for bottled water.

The advantages of aluminum

Aluminum cans offer a number of attractive advantages compared to plastic, as they are quite light and at the same time relatively robust. Lots of consumers still know very little of the advantages of aluminum packaging. Since the can has been on the market in other categories for a long time, people are not necessarily aware of the environmental benefits of the material. This can also be seen in Germany, where so far only just under one in ten have shown interest in water in aluminum cans. Mineral water companies and packaging manufacturers must therefore dialog Search with consumers and tell them about the Use of the light metal enlighten.

Aluminum is picking up speed

Firms have already started highlighting the environmental benefits of aluminum. As part of an advertising campaign for the water brand Mananaluadvanced Games of Thrones actors Jason Momoa on his facial hair in April 2019 to campaign for recyclable aluminum. Global beverage market leaders also see market potential in canned water - PepsiCo announced the brand Aquafina Early 2020 test in aluminum cans to want.

In addition to aluminum, companies are also experimenting with other sustainable packaging solutions. Almost every major beverage company has promised to step up rPETmade from recycled PET bottles.

Provide another interesting solution Refill options Global companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, for example, have created refill stations for their Dasani and Aquafina brands where consumers additional carbonic acid and more Flavors can choose.


In addition to the numerous advantages of aluminum, it must be noted that the processing of raw materials into usable materials is very important energy-intensive process acts. Nevertheless, the light metal is an interesting packaging alternative to plastic.

Since the so-called Gen Z now reached the working age and thus you available income increases, we expect that interest in environmentally friendly beverage packaging will continue to grow in the future. Accordingly, water brands must act in order to respond appropriately to consumer needs and remain competitive.