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Drive away the mole: means in the test

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Moles leave mounds of earth in the lawn and drive many gardeners to white heat. The animals are under nature protection and must not be killed. In the hardware store and garden center, however, there are aids with which moles can be driven away (scared off). Markt compares odor drops for around 15 euros, a sound wave device for 30 euros from the hardware store and a home remedy - watering the corridors with a garden hose. Allotment gardeners from the allotment garden colony Rosendorf in Hanover carry out the test.

When moles are particularly active

The name mole is derived from the old root word "Mull" for "soft earth". So the small, black animal is actually called "Earth Thrower". Moles produce a particularly large number of piles of earth

  • in the Mating season between January and March: then males dig many new passages in search of females. In doing so, they shovel the earth upwards - new hills arise. A mole's territory is between 300 and 5,000 square meters.
  • in the summerwhen the young are grown up and leave the mother's den to look for a new territory.

Odor drops: Mole stopped for the time being

The testers used odor drops with the active ingredient lavandin oil from the hardware store for around 15 euros. In order to distribute the drops, they first had to expose the corridors directly under the hills and then rake the mounds of earth smooth. No new mound appeared for three weeks.

In the opinion of the biologist Bernd Walther, the effect is likely to be short-lived: The smell of the drops can subside, especially when the earth is wet. In addition, moles could simply bury the drops. At the request of Markt, the manufacturer Neudorff writes that the "effect lasts for four to six weeks, depending on the nature of the soil".

Sound wave device: Mole continues digging

The solar-powered sound wave device for 30 euros is supposed to keep an area of ​​650 square meters free of moles. In the test, however, the mole continued to produce mounds. The frequencies are too high and the tones are not loud enough to disturb the mole, says biologist Bernd Walther.

At the request of Markt, the manufacturer SwissInno writes: "As with all acoustic distributors, after some time you can get used to the background noise. Even with pests, it can happen that individual individuals are hard of hearing or do not respond to acoustic stimuli for other reasons."

Flood corridors under the lawn with water

Watering the corridors with a garden hose is recommended in many Internet forums as a remedy for moles. In the test, no new hills appeared after regular watering. But biologist Walther has doubts as to whether the method will be effective in the long term: Moles are good swimmers and are usually not driven away by water. In large areas they could easily avoid them.

Keep mole away with barriers

If you want to prevent moles from producing new mounds on the lawn, you should use so-called horizontal mole barriers. These are close-meshed grids made of plastic that are laid under the sward and prevent the excavated material from being shoveled upwards. The barrier must run relatively close under the turf (about five centimeters is ideal) so that the moles do not build their duct system over the barrier. However, if voles also live in the garden, they can bite through the bars.

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