Can play the PS Vita PS2 games

Sony: PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores are apparently being switched off

For years I've been talking my mouth at Sony that the download archives need a search and filter function.
But you just ignore those who pump the money into the store.
In the Vita DL archive, for example, although there are separate stores for the PS3, the PS3 titles are completely nonsensical.
I am allowed to scroll through dozens of wise PS3 titles with a super intelligent swiping motion until I finally come across a Vita title.
In the Vita archive, I get the message that the title (PS3) cannot be executed for the system in white pages.
Furthermore, I already had two dozen legitimate complaints on PSN, not infrequently because purchased games simply disappeared or were not even loaded into the DL archive.

I am now simply quoting a Sony employee.
"If the title is not in your DL archive, then just download it from the store, you still have the desired search function"

So much for the shop shutdown.
I'm so done with the club.
I never once saw them apologize and take action without months of pressure from me.

You constantly have to fight against windmills with them, although you can provide proof of purchase.
Nothing but excuses, false statements, lies or you edit wrong titles.
Processing times of 1.5 years are not uncommon.

In one case, I was even told that you can only restore the games to me if I cancel Plus, but at the same time they had refused a right to retire due to unwanted extension.
And when the games were finally restored after 1.5 years, I couldn't even be guaranteed that they would not become invalid again if I renewed the Plus subscription, because alleged previous rental rights overwrite later purchase rights and then prevent me from playing the games at all can.

And as if that weren't cheeky enough for the paying customer, some here are still celebrating the shutdown of the stores.
Pure egoism