Christmas is a popular holiday in Panama


The legendary Panama Canal, almost untouched sandy beaches, lush green rainforests, the millennia-old culture of the indigenous peoples - hardly any other country juggles natural and cultural treasures as skillfully as Panama. It's not that easy to discover all these enchanting facets on a single trip. But don't worry: if you are in the right place at the right time, you will have a wonderful memory of the magical land. Let's find out the best time to visit Panama together.

From December to March, Panama is always worth a trip. Pleasantly mild temperatures, hardly any precipitation and lots of sunshine await you. It's not for nothing that winter is considered one of the best times to travel to Panama. The place of longing is particularly popular at Christmas, New Year and Carnival. Would you also like to treat yourself to a little breather in Panama just in time for the holidays? No problem, with a little planning skill nothing stands in the way of enjoyment.

Between May and September you can be surprised by brief showers every now and then. After one or two hours at the latest, Panama shines in sunny splendor again. Despite the rainfall, a trip to Panama is often particularly worthwhile in spring or summer. Outside of the main travel season, there is much less going on, so you can explore the land of contrasts at your leisure. Usually it is warm and dry, the temperatures are relatively stable all year round. During the day, the thermometer climbs to an average of 30 to 33 degrees.