What is the mean thread diameter M10

Metric ISO rule thread M10 according to DIN 13-1 and its tolerances for external and internal threads

The designation Thread M10 stands for a metric thread with a nominal size of 10 mm. The designation with the capital letter that always comes first M. thus indicates a metric thread. The following actual size designation, in this case 10 like all other thread dimensions within technical drawings and sketches, this is always given in mm (millimeters) specified.

The representation of the thread specification M10 is used for the screw, bolt and nut pairing for an external thread such as screws or threaded rods, as well as an internal thread, i.e. nuts or a blind hole thread (e.g. cap nut).

If the actual size designation for the thread profile is not followed by any further information such as x1.5 or x1.0, it is a so-called standard thread which is sometimes referred to as normal thread, metal thread or simply standard thread.

If another designation is added to the size specification, e.g. M10x1.5 or M10x1.0, this additional specification denotes the thread pitch (P) of the nominal size, also in mm (millimeters).
So here as an example an M10 thread with a thread pitch of 1.5 mm or 1.0 mm. All thread pitches that are smaller than the actual standard thread, in this case 1.50 mm for the M10 thread, are referred to as fine threads (FG). If this pitch is greater than the standard thread during manufacture, it is called a coarse thread (GG).

The thread standards for metric ISO threads M10 according to DIN 13

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The metric ISO rule thread M10 is popular in technology and application and is a globally known and nationally and globally very widespread and standardized thread according to the DIN13-1 standard for metric dimensions, and always has a uniform 60 ° thread flank angle. It relates to and deals with the designs of coarse threads for outer thread diameters from M1 to M68.

However, DIN 13-2 only refers to the versions with fine thread. The tolerances listed below and the tolerance fields for M10 threads for the thread gauge are regulated and stored in the DIN ISO 965-1 standard. The actual nominal dimensions for all thread sizes can be found in DIN 68-1.

Representation and technical drawing for metric ISO rule thread M10 according to DIN 13-1

Technical thread data sheet for the metric ISO thread M10 according to the thread standards from DIN 68-1

All dimensions, dimensions and their tolerances for the external thread and internal thread refer to the above technical drawing for M10 thread metric of the dimension series 1.
The dimensions, designation and abbreviations of the thread base profile including the chamfer in the sketch for the external thread are always represented by small letters, those for the internal thread always with capital letters.

The dimensions important for thread cutting for drilling (pre-drilling), for the core hole (drill / drilling) and the taps, tools, machine taps, dies or the thread milling cutter can be found in the screw lexicon in the drilling table for metric ISO threads according to DIN 13- 1 for thread cutting with all core hole dimensions for the core hole drill.

M10 external thread nominal dimensions (screw)

M10 internal thread nominal dimensions (nut)

Nominal diameter (d)10.00 mmNominal diameter (D)10.00 mm
Slope (p)1.50 mmSlope (P)1.50 mm
Thread flank angle60 degreesThread flank angle60 degrees
Pitch diameter (d2 )9.026 mmPitch diameter (D2 )9.026 mm
Core diameter (d1 )8.160 mmCore diameter (D1 )8.376 mm
Pitch angle (ß)3.03 degreesPitch angle (ß)3.03 degrees
Height of the profile triangle (h)1.299 mmHeight of the profile triangle (H)1.299 mm
Thread depth (h3 )0.920 mmThread depth (H)0.812 mm
Radius at the thread root (r)Radius at the thread root (R)
min.0.189 mmmin.0.189 mm
Max.0.217 mmMax.0.217 mm

Limit dimensions of the M10 external thread

Limit dimensions of the M10 internal thread

Tolerance zone 6gTolerance field 6hTolerance zone 6GTolerance zone 6H
Outside diameter (d)Outside diameter (D)
Minimum dimension min.9.732 mm9.764 mmMinimum dimension min.10.032 mm10,000 mm
Maximum size max.9.968 mm10.00 mmMaximum size max.
Pitch diameter (d2 )Pitch diameter (D2 )
Minimum dimension min.8.862 mm8.894 mmMinimum dimension min.9.058 mm9.026 mm
Maximum size max.8.994 mm9.026 mmMaximum size max.
9.238 mm9.206 mm
Core diameter (d1 )Core diameter (D1 )
Minimum dimension min.7.938 mm7.970 mmMinimum dimension min.8.408 mm8.376 mm
Maximum size max.8.128 mm8.160 mmMaximum size max.
8.708 mm8.676 mm
Core cross-sections
Core cross-section (Ad3 )52.29 mm2
Stress cross-section (As )58.00 mm2

The table above in the article with dimensions and representation in the thread gauge apply exclusively to the metric thread M10 according to the standard. Whitworth, trapezoidal threads, inch threads and pipe threads (UNEF / NPTF / NPT / National Pipe Thread Standard - British) have significantly different dimensions and tolerances.

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