How do I increase my spiritual vibrations

7 ways to increase your vibration - vibrational frequencies

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For thousands of years people have wanted to reveal the secrets and Increase vibrationsto manifest, heal and transcend oneself.

We live in an influential century for the direction of great change. Will we embody our inner core, heart and love of humanity, or will we continue to embody the separation, ignorance and greed of humanity?

In challenging times, more people wake up and others hold onto their reality for life. Can we honestly judge the existence of humanity?

I think we don't understand existence enough to be objective. So the best way to gain understanding is to raise your vibration to higher states of consciousness. When you do this, you will open yourself to other perceptions and experiences.

This article aims to speed up your process of reorientation, remembering, and reuniting with the whole. Each of the following steps contains several contemplation questions for you to raise your vibration.

Table of Contents
1. The Food Journey - Increase Vibration
2. The journey of movement - increase vibration
3. The meditation journey - increase vibration
4. The journey of contemplation - increase vibration
5. The journey of self-exploration - increase vibration
6. The journey of prayer - increase vibration
7. The Mindfulness Journey - Increase Vibration

All seven ways to raise your vibration thrive best with life experience, inner reflection, and patience. If you force yourself into any activity, you can assume that it is not your passion and the easiest approach.

I love the saying, "Easy is right," and that approach is the philosophy of this article. Simply being right doesn't mean staying in your comfort zone and being comfortable.

Simple is right means breaking out of old, limited and negative beliefs and conditions. For this you need patience, strength and determination, embraced with ease. In order to raise your vibration it is important to be in a natural flow of life. When peace surrounds you, fear turns into the field of love.

So allow yourself to contemplate this journey on the seven ways to raise your vibration to higher consciousness and to heal your story.

1. The Food Journey - Increase Vibration

We all know how essential nutrition is.

So can there be a better way than starting with the mineral essence of water and food?

Probably not.

On a cellular level, my experience has been that food and water consumption are the easiest things we can do about to increase our vibration. At the same time, for many, nutrition also seems to be the hardest thing we can achieve.

How come

We love to distract ourselves from all the addictions in the inner and outer world.

Food, drugs, and sweetened drinks are the primary addictions and distractions from all of the suffering and pain.

Are you an exception to these outside distractions?

Maybe that's you; I'm not here to judge - that's your job, the job of being honest with yourself.

Let's say you're no exception, because at the deepest levels of the ego, veganism and other diets can be triggered by fear.

The fear of rejection, guilt, shame and death are some examples that can trigger to start a diet beyond the social norm out of inner struggle.

In this case, we may no longer be addicted to sugar, sweets, or alcohol. But in this reactive nature, we addictively run away from our core fears.

So are you reacting? Aren't you addicted to escaping the suffering and distractions of the world?

Just listen inward and receive your body wisdom.

What's my experience with nutrition?

Three words. Chaotic! Turbulent! Forgetful!

I have experienced several phases of being overweight in my life, from an early age to today. The boomerang effect became like a companion that kept visiting me.

As I write this article, I am in one of these phases of an unhealthy lifestyle.

What should i learn?

I am allowed to learn that it does not help to suppress or numb the suffering and pain, nor does it help to react in my case (fear of shame). I have often forgotten my physical body ideals and dreams, it becomes emotional, turbulent and chaos drives me into all sorts of negative nutritional patterns.

At the same time, I know that I am closer than ever to breaking free of my environmental conditions and negative spirals. I can choose another way, the way to stop fighting against weight and society. Rather, it's about accepting and embracing my current weight, my roots and my strong ideals.

As already described in my article and diary Vegan Raw Food Week and Effects, the effects of increasing my vibration were extraordinary as early as 2020.

So why should it be any different with you?

Nutritional Contemplation to Increase Your Vibrational Frequency:

  • Are you healthy and in flux with the natural ebb and flow of life?
  • Can you accept and allow other people's lifestyles?
  • Do you feel the need to change the nutritional lifestyle of others?
  • Do you feel the need to be right in discussions about nutrition?
  • What was the reason or what is the valid reason for the change in diet - to fight against something (weight, society) or to be for something (animal welfare, more clarity for self-exploration)?

Diet tips to increase your vibrational frequency:

  • Less is more. What does your organism need?
  • Be careful when consuming food and drink. Perceive what your body wisdom is telling you.
  • Stop criticizing and judging others in diet discussions. Understand the motivations of others and be there for them! Feel free to explain why you changed your diet without imposing your worldview on the other.

Important NOTE:Diet can be viewed from so many different perspectives. Have you ever thought about mental and emotional forms of nutrition? Emotional diets are water-based and mental diets are air-based. Time to be grateful for the fresh air; we all have to keep breathing in order to live. Psychedelics are also a form of nutrition. I write about psychedelics because they seem relevant to me to mention here. I love a different approach - without these substances. I am a lover of music, art, contemplation, prayer and meditation - these are my “positive psychedelics”.

2. The journey of movement - increase vibration

The second way to increase your vibration and frequency is through exercise. I choose exercise because it is a cosmopolitan word for this intensely physical way of increasing positive vibrations.

Exercise can be associated with exercise, gardening, housework, walking, and physical labor.

It's about discovering the self-love in your body and being grateful for being in your body. It is also about grounding one's divinity in the physical body.

Many people claim that the spiritual journey and awakening is about ascension. Can't it be that our physical journey is all about the beauty and mystery of descent? The journey to bring heaven to earth.

How I Feel When I Move: In my life, I always thrive on movement. I forget all worries because I am completely in the present moment. I see it as my daily balancing act between physical movement and mental activity.

Movement Contemplation to Increase Your Vibrational Frequency:

  • What do you love most about movements?
  • In which activities can you be in a state of mindful movement?
  • Should you have challenges or fears with certain movements, which negative beliefs are holding you back from breaking out of this pattern?

Exercise tips to increase your vibration frequency:

  • Listen to your body. Test your limits and pay attention to the signals from your entire system, knee joints, muscles and nerves. If you don't listen to your body and your ego gets out of hand, it can lead to injury and you will have to suspend certain movements for a period of time.
  • Make movements that you love and enjoy and leave your comfort zone. It's about doing the easy, not the comfortable. Simple is right.

Important NOTE: Movement is energy and life force. Everything in the universe is in constant motion. From the atoms to the molecules and cells, everything revolves. Remember that exercise can be so much more than we are conditioned to believe in the world. In truth, all seven ways of increasing your vibration are paths of subatomic micro- and cellular macro-movements.

3. The meditation journey - increase vibration

The third way to raise your vibration is through meditation. In a way, meditations are also part of the second path of movement, but meditating is more about still moving and observing your physical, emotional and mental body in silence.

What types of meditations are there to raise your vibration?

Guided meditations help you for the power of imagination. To imagine something is a far cry from the fantasy that is a shadow. Imagination is the quality of seeing events with clarity. Furthermore, the imagination is the quality that needs clarity, a peaceful mind and focus. The focus itself needs a higher frequency.

Meditations are limitless in the art of creation. If you take a few deep breaths in and out between your work cycles, you can achieve a higher form of clarity and increase your vibrational frequency. It's like training a muscle. We have to create a sustainable habit.

That is why meditations are so powerful and beneficial. They help you to relax your nervous system from everyday stress and bring you into a state of flow.

Internal and external work have similar requirements for raising your own vibration. While the inner work needs space and time to be aware of the stillness and observe thought forms, emotions and the physical state, the outer work needs space and time to go out and bring your soul ideas into matter.

Meditation is the most widely accepted form of inner work in our century, and like all forms of inner work, meditations are limitless in depth. It all depends on your level of dedication, curiosity, self-awareness, and your patience.

“Meditations are not a sprint; they are a marathon! "

Meditation Contemplation to Increase Your Vibrational Frequency:

  • What meditation will you balance now?
  • Can you allow, accept and embrace all thought forms in meditations and let go of them with ease?
  • How often do you meditate daily, and how can you best and easily incorporate the meditation practice into your everyday life?

Meditation tips to increase your vibrational frequency:

  • If you think you don't have time to meditate, meditate before bed and after you wake up. With morning and night meditation you don't need to be afraid of the daily routine. You can sleep 30-60 minutes less in the morning because the meditation has a deep physical relaxation effect and your mind is gently booted up like a computer. After the meditation, you will feel fresher and ready to go. This routine is a perfect daily conditioning strategy for increasing your vibration.
  • If I fall asleep while meditating, it leads to less clarity and lower vibration for me. So make sure that you stay awake and meditate, for example, in the lotus position or on a chair. I also love meditating in bed ... but I have to say that evening or morning sessions don't go well because I tend to fall asleep again. Find out what works best for you.

Important NOTE: Meditations bring your body, mind and soul into balance. However, to fully harmonize, it can take years or a lifetime of practice. You cannot bother to expect that you will be an exception to this rule. If there is a secret to joyful meditation, don't expect anything to happen. Meditations are the balancing act between inner work and outer activities.

4. The journey of contemplation - increase vibration

The Gene Keys teaching Gene Keys says about contemplation that it uses elements of both concentration (exertion) and meditation (no exertion) to bring about an increase in one's frequency. This article aims to become aware of contemplation around the activate higher frequenciesthat are latent in your DNA.

In the Gene Key approach, “the art of contemplation” is one of the key factors in turning shadows into gifts.

How is that possible?

Contemplation is about pausing, panning, and merging. You need patience for certain processes in your life. Spiritual awakening and raising one's vibrations are two of these processes.

The higher self and the divine always know exactly how much information you can process. Often times, access to completely new information means a cleansing process of the old self and belief system for you.

In essence, contemplation is the art of loosening and changing your limited belief systems.

In this purification process it can appear that you are more in the shadow, in the darkness than in the light of your divine essences.

However, from a higher perspective, this is an illusion.

You want to help more in the world to create a better world. You start to see more clearly all the horrific and selfish acts in the world.

Now you watch them with transparency, but they have always been there. This cleaning process can make you feel like everything is worse than it was before your cleaning process.

At its core, this illusion is your challenge to be overcome.

As soon as you have overcome this challenge, you will reach a new vibrational plateau. Your process acclimates itself to this higher level of consciousness, and no external authority can be “you” in this process. You have to be yourself and overcome the challenge. It's your exams.

Sure, others can be of great inspiration and guide, but you must go through your trials yourself.

There is this saying in the Gene Key teachings.

"Every shadow contains a gift."

Your job is to accept the shadows for what they are and to accept your divinity in order to transcend them.

Contemplation to Increase Your Vibrational Frequency:

  • Is my decision 51 percent or more from love and light?
  • What plan do I follow - my soul and heart (farsightedness) or the plan of my ego and physical mind (narrow-mindedness)?

Contemplation Tips To Increase Your Vibrational Frequency:

  • Don't take yourself too seriously. Open-heartedness belongs to lightness, not to seriousness.
  • Also, be patient with your process; nobody is perfect. We are all on our journey.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others; compare yourself to yourself.
  • Change yourself instead of having the desire and will to change others.

5. The journey of self-exploration - increase vibration

Self-exploration is a deep inner journey of self-study. At the core, with all of our life experiences and self-reflection, we learn and grow. Our worldview expands, we trust ourselves and learn from the past, we listen inward and this inner curiosity creates true self-empowerment.

This way of raising your vibration is about discovering the art of being. Out of curiosity for the universe, planet earth, humans and all other forms of life - you open your heart.

First you open the heart on a personal level (self-love) and later on a collective level (compassion).

When you are honest, you are rarely fully aware of this because the narrow-minded conditioned self takes the lead.

So how can you change that?

The goal is to recondition yourself from the soul level by converting your negative beliefs into patterns of success. As a result, you are still acting from a conditioned state, but now you are acting from a state that you have consciously activated and chosen to increase your vibration and frequency.

In doing this, the arts of self-exploration, contemplation and mindfulness work together on all levels. When you start to be honest, brave and curious about your inner workings - mindfulness is no longer a fantasy.

Self-Exploration Contemplation to Increase Your Vibrational Frequency:

  • At what times in your life do you forget an open-hearted - carefree approach full of curiosity? When you close your heart, can you locate that sensation or feeling in your physical body?
  • How can you release your tensions, learn from your experiences, and expand the heart of your challenge?

Self-Exploration Tips To Increase Your Vibrational Frequency:

  • Be honest to yourself.
  • Discover your inner life in a playful and light-footed way.
  • Projections that you send to other people come from within. They are the uncertainties and mechanisms that block deeper self-exploration. Let go of her and watch the lightness of your heart.

Important NOTE: Self-inquiry is just play and not work. If you manage to observe all stages of your inner and outer life with serenity, your seriousness is over. One of the most remarkable observations as a human being is ego death and rebirth as an ego soul being.

6. The journey of prayer - increase vibration

Daily rituals and prayers have been a part of humanity for a long time. Many people think of prayers related to religion.

Personally, I didn't like prayers for a long time.

So why did I choose to bring them here?

I changed my mind and worldview about prayer after discovering the higher types of prayer that flow directly into and out of the heart. You can be deeply touching, a blessing.

Depending on your beliefs, you may never open your heart to prayers from a higher dimension. If limiting beliefs keep you from experiencing the beauty of prayer, you will not hear its inner truth of surrender and devotion.

If that negativity or self-delusion is your status quo, you may receive prayers from organizations that manipulate and distort you.

How do you know if prayer - is fear-based or love-based?

It is easy to see the difference between praying from the heart or from the ego.

Prayers from the heart open your heart, thoughts disappear, you feel the beauty of your existence and others, and you feel blessed and touched by grace.

Prayers from the ego close the heart by separating yourself from the divine. As long as there is no God between you and the divine, you can never experience the divine, God, love, life and existence for yourself.

Prayer Contemplation To Increase Your Vibrational Frequency:

  • When praying - do you feel embraced, blessed and welcomed in life, or rather lost, divided and misunderstood?
  • What negative beliefs hold you back from drawing prayers and blessings from the oneness of the divine into your life?
  • Remember the last time you felt grace. It could be the birth of your child or some other significant event in your life. As you remember it, it will be given to you. You are in this graceful state, even if it feels different than when it first bloomed. You have changed; you are not the same person anymore. The peace in grace continues to exist within you.

Important NOTE: Prayers are there to understand and experience the divine; you are part of the divine - you are the divine. Prayer is not there to worship a god outside of you. Everything that you can sense and feel is part of you and the divine.

7. The Mindfulness Journey - Increase Vibration

To be mindful means that you slowly and steadily remember your life purpose and higher dimensions beyond human consciousness. Being mindful is like bending the rules of spacetime because at one point you open up and receive spontaneous revelations about your soul and your true self.

This seventh way is different from increasing your vibration and frequency from the other six. Mindfulness is an underlying quality of the previous six ways. The quality of mindfulness is therefore already an expression of a high vibration frequency.

Before you are reminded of who you actually are, you begin in a state of oblivion. Slowly, as you begin to meditate, contemplate, and open yourself to self-inquiry and prayer, you begin to remember.

These revelations can come as a sudden shock to you too!

For example, thousands of near-death stories align incredibly well with this forgetting and remembering and the shocks or wake-up calls that happen to these people - before and after such events.

Most people's lives are completely different after such an experience.

To achieve a certain level of mindfulness, you need to contemplate, listen, and look within.

Important NOTE:Mindfulness is not just about your mental level and your thoughts. It's also about your emotional (feelings) and physical (sensations) levels, a deeper aspect of contemplation and self-exploration. Ultimately, mindfulness is also a remembering about the causal level (soul) and higher dimensions.

Conclusion on the 7 ways to increase your frequency

In the end, you need to remember that six ways to raise your vibration are permits to remember more of what you already are - the true self.

Diet, exercise, meditation, contemplation, self-inquiry, and prayer help unleash your birthright to freedom and unity.

Mindfulness is already an expression of higher states of consciousness and helps you to stay in your open-hearted existence. You can only achieve the quality of mindfulness if you trust yourself and life.

In addition, the quality of mindfulness requires that you embrace your shadows and allow your gifts to blossom in the world.

All shadows are the seeds of the expression of a high frequency of vibration. In denying your shadows and the shadows of others, you are denying an essential part of your transformation process.

There is a saying in the Gene Key teachings.

"Meet non-love with love."
- Richard Rudd

Jesus also shared this essence of forgiveness, compassion and love.

“Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! This is how you act as true children of your Heavenly Father. For he gives his sunlight to both the wicked and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike. "
Jesus Christ, Matthew 5: 43-47

If you relate that to the sun, it gives its sunlight to both evil and good, right?

Somewhere between these lines of Jesus Christ is the chance of the greatest quantum leap to increase your vibration and frequency.

I am grateful that you have read this article because it shows your inner commitment! It is not always easy to forgive and be humble.

But the gifts and fruits that are given to those who bravely smash their old worldview transcend all forms of negativity.

Have a look around my blog and articles. Leave a comment below. Ask a question, share your thoughts, or share your feedback from your heart.

All the best,