When does it settle

Help, my product settles on the floor!

You may have already noticed that some products, such as pineapple juice or Schor! E passion fruit, settle out more than usual. This means that the cloudiness of the juice slowly collects at the bottom of the bottle and the juice can become completely clear in the upper area. But don't panic! That doesn't mean the juice is out of order. On the contrary: this is completely natural and the cloudiness will dissipate if you shake the juice before opening it.

But why does this only happen with some products?
Most fruits naturally contain pectin.
Pectin is an important stabilizing substance in the cell walls of all plants and, as a food additive, has the ability to make liquids gel-like. It stabilizes the cloudy components in naturally cloudy juices so that they do not sink to the bottom of the bottle.

The fruits pineapple and passion fruit, for example, do not contain pectin. According to food law, pectin in the form of citrus pectin (obtained from citrus peel) can be added to stabilize the lees. However, since this is not the fruit's own pectin, its effect is only limited. Because it is particularly sensitive to strong temperature fluctuations. If the passion fruit nectar or pineapple juice is exposed to too much cold or heat (at temperatures below 10 ° C or at temperatures above 30 ° C) after filling, the risk increases that the citrus pectin will lose its function and the juice will become cloudy settles on the bottom of the bottle and the product then becomes clear.
In that case, please don't fret! Are you happy that you are holding a natural product in your hands and shake it up briefly. Please only be careful with the spritzer. ????